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  1. New equipment

    Hey there Vodkaman, We do have all copper pots, as well as many others. We can custom build whatever system you want. Please don't hesitate to give Larry a call as he is a wealth of knowledge. If not, feel free to call me and we can all talk. Best of luck to you! chris@stilldragon.com 806-206-5861
  2. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Silk is right, it does look off in color. If it is in fact the distillate, you can try some petrol-gel. It might be just enough to get a vapor seal. http://www.petrolgel.com/
  3. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Do you have any pics?
  4. Anyone running a Dragon Still?

    Hey GeekSpirits, Paul is right, we do have multiple different setups that we can make. That is the beauty of a modular system. We do have the ability though to make whatever system you want. Give me a shout and I can find out more about what you are looking to produce. From there we can custom design a still that works for you. Chris chris@stilldragon.com 806-206-5861
  5. G'Day from Australia

    Welcome Ozman! If you need any equipment, parts, etc...talk to Gary who is our partner in Australia. http://www.stilldragon.com.au/ He is a wealth of knowledge and can get you whatever you need. Cheers!!
  6. WTB - 50G or so - Oil Jacketed

    Hey CountySeat, Shoot me an email and we can talk further. We can make whatever setup you'll need. Chris chris@stilldragon.com www.stilldragon.com
  7. IBC totes as fermenters

    Hey @whiskeytango we have a customer that does their fermentations in single wall fermenters within a fully temperature controlled room. I'm not sure if they want me mentioning their name, but they say it works out wonderfully!!
  8. Hello from Portland

    No worries Lenny. We'll do business with the next one! And thanks for the recipe, it looks much different than some others I've tried.
  9. Hello from Portland

    Good to see you're on here Lenny! I hope to be able to work with you a little more in the future! I enjoy reading you blog. http://www.theliquoristblog.com/ For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should! Chris with StillDragon
  10. "Greenest" distillery?

    If you haven't already, check out the George Washington Distillery and Gristmill. They distill twice a year and everything is wood fired. And the history speaks for itself!!
  11. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    Congrats!!! Hopefully my home state doesn't disappoint and they come back with good news in 36 days!!!
  12. Mile High vs. Hillbilly

    Give me a shout if you need help with anything. We can get you set up with whatever you may need. chris@stilldragon.com
  13. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    Hello George, Give a shout here at StillDragon. We are just as competitive and we offer excellent customer service!! I would love to hear about what you've got going on. Cheers!! Chris Cell: 806-206-5861 Office: 561-845-8009 Chris@stilldragon.com