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  1. Micah Nutt

    watering down low wines

    We perform a two pot distillation, in the Scottish tradition,for whiskey. Our stripping run yields low wines at ~24% ABV. At this abv lipids and the like separate out and float on top. We leave an inch of LW in the receiver in order to leave these entities behind. Our feints yields ~34% ABV which get watered down with filtered water to 25% ABV; again, allowing undesirables to stratify to the surface, though there isn't a lot that separates out. However, this allows for a balanced distillation of almost equal parts low wines and feints (volume and abv).
  2. Micah Nutt


    We occasionally use Wesmar's D-Foam. I don't use the stuff unless I think it's absolutely necessary. Whereas the anti-foaming agent does a great job of keeping the foam down, the side effect is that the proteins, which cause the foaming, coagulate into ropy strands which get tangled on the coils; this makes the wash still much more difficult to clean.
  3. Micah Nutt

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    On a spirit label the TTB spirit "type" must be declared. However, a fanciful name or descriptor (if approved) is allowed if not on the same line as the spirit "type." Sometimes incorrect labels are approved. Sometimes unapproved labels are used.
  4. Micah Nutt

    Hopped Whiskey(?)

    As stated above hops are not a grain and therefor the product does not fall in the category of whiskey but " Distilled Spirits Specialty." If hops are added to whiskey after aging it would be called "Hop Flavored Whiskey."
  5. Micah Nutt

    Collection Tank

    With regards to Corny Kegs: I would be wary of the O-rings and the popettes not being high alcohol tolerant.
  6. Micah Nutt

    WARNING: Oak Wood Barrel Co.

    If you look at the 4 stacked barrels at http://oakwoodbarrels.com/#about they are the same barrel photo-edited together. They don't even look like real barrels and, if so, poorly constructed. Most of the photos look like they've been yanked from other sources.
  7. Micah Nutt


    We use a digital density meter, for the most part, during production as it is quicker and, I believe, more accurate than reading a maniscus. However, for reporting, as the hand-held ddm is not certified, the final readings for reporting are made using glass alcohol meters. No experience with overcoming obscuration measurements.
  8. Micah Nutt

    Pricing spot market barrels

    Too many variables: temperature and humidity fluctuations, air or hvac re-circulation, entry strength, years in barrel, selected bottle strength, etc. Guess at an annual volume % loss and abv loss OR gain. Then do some math for your bottle size.
  9. Micah Nutt

    Bottle Rinsing

    We blow out with filtered compressed air.
  10. Micah Nutt

    Percentage of Alcohol after stripping run

    Copperworks' low wines are around 24% abv. You're abv will depend on how long you strip. I strip until less than 1% abv is coming out of the still.
  11. Micah Nutt

    Pumps for High Proof Alcohol

    We use several Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pumps for spirit transfers and process. The pumps come in a variety of different materials for both the housing and the diaphragms. As our 25 plate column still has been split in two (ceiling constraint) we use one pump to move hot GNS from the bottom of one column to the top of the other.
  12. Micah Nutt

    Malt Whiskey from Tails?

    Well you can't call it whiskey if distilled above 160 proof; however, you can call it "light whiskey." Light Whiskey: Whisky produced in the U.S. at more than 80% alcohol by volume (160 proof) [but less than 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof)] and stored in used or uncharred new oak containers
  13. Micah Nutt

    How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    We use a US Scale FS 4848-5 Platform with a Rice Lake IQ+355-2A Digital Weight Indicator.
  14. Micah Nutt

    Reverse Osmosis vs Filtered Water

    We use a filter system for making de-ionized water. No problems.
  15. Micah Nutt

    TTB Formula Approvals - Meadowsweet

    Most likely, I would surmise, the FDA considers Meadowsweet a toxin, a carcinogen, etc. Check with the FDA.