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  1. Check us out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Barrelhouse6/?eid=ARC6oEx9KEhxiAjRo8CRdJ10BFezjPJNfMUnpxozpAMctCE85IfGdWDHEQ8nf7VNWJOwytB72CFQGm7b&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=1507929918&fref=tag our investment portal is now open through our LLC subscription offerings in Real Estate and Equipment - https://www.equitynet.com/c/1836-distilling-llc?fbclid=IwAR2rcAS2TBm5hYMq8ft0KrtfVXz_A3LzGd4xiosbe-o3ttFR0V_wWJBoK_A check out our website www.barrelhouse6.com
  2. I'm looking for a creative, slightly quirky and irreverent marketing firm/team to collaborate on developing our marketing strategy, communications, press releases, etc. anyone have any suggestions of any firms that aren't going to take the same formula used 100 times with 100 other distilleries and plug and play my brand?
  3. thank you everyone going to reach out to all in next two weeks!
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