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  1. Water Testing

    Thanks. I called but they don't test water.
  2. Water Testing

    I am in Alaska and need to get our water tested (everyone here just sends it out and is very expensive). My distiller said to find a place to do a full breakdown of what is in the water. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company on this? Also, any recommendations on water systems? Completing our build out now - hoping to be open in late March.
  3. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    I think what they are saying is the end product is the same, whether you use organic or not. We are trying to decide whether to use Organic Potatoes and really it seems to have no difference in the end product. However, the consumer does not know this - it seems only distillers know this. This holds true with Corn (Gluten free) - most people dont realize it is all gluten free in the end, but people that dont eat Gluten, want something that says "Gluten Free". Marketing is going to have a TON of how booze is perceived and purchased. I am just unsure as to if going Organic means more profit......
  4. DYE China?

    We got a little delayed due to our shop not having 3 phase electric. We ended up going with 3 phase motors, and using a converter to single phase. Our shipment will not be going out until 1/26 now (about 3.5 weeks late) however this was a fluke. We are suppose to be receiving shipment in Alaska by mid February. I will keep everyone posted; so far happy with my decision.
  5. DYE China?

    I have decided to use DYE and have put my deposit down. They were on top of every question I had and provided references for me to call. Every reference had the same hesitation as me, but in the end loved working with them. They all got their equipment ON TIME, with no issues. One reference said they needed a part and DYE sent it overnight through DHL. Their customer service seems to be excellent. I will post more once I get my equipment. I am in Alaska so I will not be receiving until December.
  6. I notice you have not been on the forums in a while.  You still around?

  7. Bottle Suppliers

    I will give you a ring tomorrow to discuss bottles. This is an old post, but am in need of new bottles for a distillery in Anchorage, AK.
  8. Potato Vodka

    Anyone care to share their pros and cons of using flakes versus real potatoes? Everything that I read states that potatoes are made up of so much water, that the flakes are the way to go. Being in Alaska, I also feel that storage and consistency is important. I would love to keep it Alaskan potatoes but unless some farmer starts offering flakes up here, it really just isn't feasible. Anyone have good recommendations for Potato Flake manufacturers? I would also like to use more Glacier Water and if the flakes are dried, then it give us the opportunity of using more of the glacier water.
  9. DYE China?

    You are totally right, and I apologize if I made it seem you were the same. I have deleted my comment so I don't confuse anyone. Thanks for clarifying. I hear you are awesome Paul!
  10. DYE China?

    I ordered a 250 gal still with a 16 plate column, 250 gal mash tun, 4 250 gallon fermentors, 3 storage tanks, 2 mixing tanks, alcohol transfer pump, and another pump because I am using potatoes. I contacted over 5 chinese manufacturers and Melissa was on top of call backs/emails and proved herself to be reliable. I also called 3 references from other distillers and they all made me feel comfortable using them. Ill let you know once I receive my equipment how it has gone!
  11. DYE China?

    I ended up deciding to use DYE. I spoke to several people (all who have had their equipment over 3 years) and they have loved it - some have already ordered more. I will keep everyone posted on my experience. DYE seems to ONLY do brewery and distilling equipment so hopefully I will not have the issues that you mentioned above. For anyone else wondering - my rep is Melissa and she is truly amazing.
  12. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    THANK YOU so much for all your replies. This definitely helps.
  13. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    I found these new age barrels from Squarrel Barrel (http://www.squarrelbarrels.com/aging.html) and am curious as to if you use this product and it only needs to age for a few months instead of years - how can this work with the TTB?
  14. DYE China?

    If you purchased from them - are you happy 2 years later? If not, who did you end up purchasing from?
  15. Specific Mechanical

    Mind me asking how big and what it ended up costing? I have not gotten quotes from any Canadian companies yet, however being in Alaska - I should definitely look into it!