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  1. When electricity is $0.41/kw hr and Water $0.05/gal, with a 500 gallon still, 78F water temps, would it work best with a 10 tonne chiller, bore a hole and create a chilling water option for the condenser? Year round air temps 95 F to 75F. Ideas? Fermentation of molasses.
  2. I"d like to take a look at this equipment. Who is the contact for supply?
  3. Is this already bottled or are you selling this in bulk?
  4. We are just getting our distilling business started and are looking for new/used, available within 3-6 months, equipment - 500 L and 300 L copper pot stills and/or hybrid - one for gin (300) and one for rum/whiskey (500). Operating in hot climate where electricity and water $$$.
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