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  1. Where do you source the panela. I'm making a sugar wash moonshine now, but want to make a rum. What are good sources for the panela, and molases?
  2. OK, so does it act like an expansion tank with an over pressure protection?
  3. Just realized you are part of Distillery-Equipment. I have been working with Paul on this. I appreciate if you can help explain the OSPM. Thanks
  4. Southernhighlander, Do you have a web site that I can visit. I am looking a a system similar to this using an OSPM. I'm not sure how these work, so I am doing some investigation before I purchase. Also, I am looking for a Bain Marie 250 gallon boiler to mash and distill in. Thanks
  5. Thanks Stevea I will look into it.
  6. Thanks Sudzie, I am going to look into this. This is probably the way to go. Now to find someone local that can do this welding.
  7. The still I am using is a 250 gallon copper boiler pot with an 8 inch reflux column. I have a 12 inch man way hatch on the top. How do you get the 2 inch diameter X 80 feet coil into the pot? How do you roll this to get the correct diameter? Thanks
  8. I am looking to convert my 250 gallon direct fire still over to a low pressure direct injected steam still. Do I need a culinary steam filter to ensure clean steam into the grain?
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