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  1. DSP and TTB Permitting

    Just remember to file your monthly reports with TTB once you get your permit, even if you are still under construction
  2. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Do you think enzymes affect positively or negatively?
  3. Dephlegmator Control

    I was about to buy a valve, probe and controller but this seems like a great idea. Any tips on manufacturers or suppliers? Thanks!
  4. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Where is the side by side taste and chemical analysis of the same spirit produced with organic and inorganic ingredients to show there is no difference? This seems to be opinion rather than a fact so why would anyone state so on a label? Also, as previous posters stated, its pretty common knowledge what organic means and the consumer is free to make their choice based on that. For me, half of buying organic is knowing that poison isn't being sprayed into our environment, damaging our pollinator populations ect... its not just about the health or taste benefits.
  5. Explosion venting

    Yes, here is the fan model https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200461050_200461050?cm_mmc=housefile-_-recd-_-phone-_-conf
  6. Explosion venting

    Thanks Tom!
  7. Explosion venting

    I'm no expert and live in an area where code enforcement is basically non existent. That being said, we purchased a gas detection unit from RKI instruments which is set for the lower explosive limit of ethanol vapor. There is an exhaust fan mounted behind the still which is wired to the gas detector. If the LEL is reached an alarm sounds and the exhuast fan kicks on, theoretically reducing the ethanol concentration. It hasn't triggered yet and hopefully never will. Good luck!
  8. Proof too high or tails smeared in, can't find the middle ground!

    10" column on 100 gal still is large or no? I'm running 6" on 200 gal.
  9. Craft is Not a Commodity

    I enjoyed your thoughts. I've just started a small distillery and I really resonate with what you are saying about the middle ground being nonexistent. We are basically serving the immediate local market of locals willing to pay extra to support their own and tourists willing to spend extra for something unique. We are just selling from the distillery because we get to keep the distributor and retail cut. Our first batch sold out in 3 days, but it was Christmas. We hope by keeping the product scarce, it will have higher demand and price. It will be extremely hard for us to expand to a larger market because of the higher distribution costs and the lack of adequate product supply with our small batch methods. If we can sell it here and keep more $ per bottle why not. But I sure don't expect to be hearing from the big boys with million dollar offers.
  10. Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    Open to offers, we need to clear out some room..
  11. Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    I just got home from distillery, I can take some more tomorrow. Anything in particular you want to see?
  12. How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    It seems from a scientific standpoint one wold want to use TTB table 7 and correct the density for temperature when making determinations by weight. "This table is also prescribed for use in ascertaining the true capacity of containers where the wine gallon contents at 60 degrees Fahrenheit have been determined by weight in accordance with Tables 2, 3, 4, or 5. This is accomplished by dividing the wine gallons at 60 degrees Fahrenheit by the factor shown in the table at the percent of proof and temperature of the spirits. The quotient will be the true capacity of the container. Example. It is desired to ascertain the volume at 60 degrees Fahrenheit of 1,000 wine gallons of 190 proof spirits at 76 degrees Fahrenheit: 1,000×0.991 equals 991 wine gallons, the corrected gallonage at 60 degrees Fahrenheit."
  13. Two x 200 gallon cypress wood fermenters manufactured by Confederate Stills Alabama. These have never been used, I ended up buying 4 fermenters but only need two based on our production schedule. $1,750 each. 2" tri clamp outlets, removable wood stands. I can deliver within days drive of 26270 WV for a fee. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.
  14. How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    Do you need to adjust for temperature when weighing?