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  1. Just did this with sweet birch which contains the compound used to denature mouthwash. From GRAS and you can usually get a list of acceptable levels and search some scholarly articles for concentration of the chemical of concern in various plant parts. I formulated based of those results and they did not require me to submit a sample.
  2. Where in VA? I'm in WV could possibly pick up. Thanks
  3. Hi, Already sold all those items listed. Thansk for looking
  4. Does this include the land/building or just the equipment and brand? Thanks
  5. There is a gasket on the top of the filter housing that occasionally get out of place on mine causing similar problems. Take the top cover off the filter housing and check that.
  6. I'm reading the forums while our iStill 2000 runs out corn whiskey destined for Bourbon. We have been doing mash, ferment, and distillation directly in the iStill for the past two months. Hi Odin, Happy New Year!
  7. Howdy! I've got some family up in Cleveland we go up to see occasionally. I've drank a bit of the Cleveland Whiskey, but never visited. Do y'all do tours and such of the production facility ? We have a small distillery in WV if you'r ever down this way.
  8. Howdy, what part of Maryland you in? We are in WV about an hr south of Deep Creek/Oakland MD.
  9. We appled for formula and got "Spirits distilled from grain and distilled with hops". Tried to shorten it to "Spirits distilled from grain and hops" on our label but got sent back and put the full deal on there.
  10. Thanks just looked it up on the TTB https://www.ttb.gov/what-we-do/taxes-and-filing/tax-reform-cbmtra
  11. So what happened, did they extend the tax break or is it back to $13.50?
  12. I have a lightly used 304 SS ShoorSeal ball valve for sale. $75 fob. you are looking at around $150 new. PM your email if you want a pic, my computer won't upload them here.
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