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  1. Still_Holler

    Trub from running beer

    I had same thing when I ran IPA, it didn't get up into the column, but plugged the pump I was emptying the still with!
  2. Still_Holler

    Two Used Fermentation Tanks For Sale ($1,500 each)

    Where are they located? Thanks!
  3. Still_Holler

    Used 30 Inch Stone Mill For Sale

    Where are you located? Thanks
  4. Still_Holler

    Hard vs. Soft Water

    Thanks for the feed back. The reason I ask. I have hard water from a spring and we have had no issue with our mashes with it, but I had a friend of a friend come in and he sets up water treatment systems for breweries. He was saying brewers like soft for some types of beer and hard for others. He said could set me up a softener with a bypass so I could try mash with soft and mash with hard and compare. I know he would like to sell me a softener so not to keen on taking the time to mess with it unless I can find any evidence it would be helpful.
  5. Still_Holler

    Hopped whiskey??

    TTB decided my distilled IPA should be called "Spirits Distilled From Grain and Distilled With Hops", on the label I tried to shorten it to "Spirits Distilled from Grain and Hops" but they shot that down. They also made me take the wording of the back of the label which said it was a distilled IPA and made me remove "Ales" from the name of the brewery which I was trying to give a shout out to. I am amazed at the ones that get through. I recently tried something called Hop Scotch Malt Whiskey by Mad River Distillery and it states on the back of the label it was made by a brewery and dry hopped prior to distillation. Maybe they know the right person to send a case of whiskey to?
  6. Still_Holler

    Flavor Ingredient Data sheet - Angostura bitters

    They have been guarding that ingredient list from the beginning. Pretty interesting story of how it came to be. Did you have any luck getting the data sheet?
  7. Still_Holler

    Bloody Butcher Red Corn

    I am getting some bloody butcher in tommorow from a local farmer. Hers is pretty dark red like the pic from Stumpy, she purchased her seed from a catalog somewhere and has been breeding it herself for a couple years. I also grow my own and use another farmer who gave us the seed, his variety is a mix of white ears, red ears, and red and white speckled. It is really a white corn, just has a red shell. The old man I got the seed from was 96 and he said his family had been saving and replanting the seed for 200 years. He said it was 10 cents a day to hoe corn when he was a young un in the depression and then he got a raise to 25 cents and was happy. I asked how much his grandpa sold the shine for and he said not much, about $1 a quart, I said if you got to work 4 days to afford a bottle of liquor thats pretty pricey! But it does make a great tasting liquor! I have not tried malting it.
  8. Still_Holler

    Hard vs. Soft Water

    Wondering if anyone out there has an opinion on hard vs soft water for whiskey at different steps in the process. i.e. mashing vs. cutting water.
  9. Still_Holler

    Understanding impact of Commercial enzymes on Mash Bill

    I thought most popular Rye Whiskey are made with unmalted Rye or otherwise it would have to be labled as Rye Malt Whiskey which I rarely see in stores? I am getting ready to do my first batch of Rye Malt Whiskey mash bill of 220 lbs malted rye and 140 lbs of corn. Question for you Silk, do you mash in the malted rye at 170f like you would with unmalted or will that kill the enzymes? Does it need to be 140f like for malted barley? Thanks.
  10. Still_Holler

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    What type of spirit was added? Thanks.
  11. Still_Holler

    Genio vs. iStill

    Anybody out there using the next gen iStill I could talk to?
  12. Still_Holler

    Genio vs. iStill

    Hi, I've been considering getting an iStill unit as our main production still. Does anyone have expereince with the NextGen iStills? Also any experience with Genio equipment? Which is better? I heard the used to work together before splitting the companies.
  13. Still_Holler

    Processing form Line 13 & 29

    Hi dhdunbar, I tried sending you a message but wouldn't allow it. I'm interested in consulting services if you could please get a hold of me, my email is atheyelutz@gmail.com. Thanks
  14. Still_Holler

    Processing form Line 13 & 29

    Thank you dhdunbar - you are the best!
  15. Still_Holler

    Processing form Line 13 & 29

    I am in the same boat, trying to navigate these forms and realized i'm doing some of them wrong. Where does part IV of this form come into play? Is it refering to a summary of the types of product you recorded in part I and II? Many thanks for any info.