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  1. Was this harvested last fall? Thanks
  2. Sold the 6" to 2" reducer but column sections and dephlegs are still available.
  3. Hi, I am having trouble uploading the pics here if you want to post or PM your email address I can email them to you. Thanks
  4. Also have 6" to 2" reducer for top of the column with extra fnpt fitting welded on so you can have a temp sensor and analog thermometer. $100 The 4 plate sections plus dephleg plus reducer is a nice setup for running 140-150 proof spirits.
  5. For sale, shipping on buyer: Purchased from Affordable Distillery Equipment in 2016. 2 unused 6" SS Dephlegs, $300 obo each including 6" tri-clamp and silicon gasket ($450 on Still Dragon without tri-clamp) 4 unused 6" SS column sections with sight glasses and tri-clamp and silicon gasket (column sections only, no bubble plates included) $300 obo each I can get pics if you want. Thanks for looking. Located near Harman, WV 26270
  6. Unused in original packaging ABB VFD model ACS150-01U-02A4-2 $130 new, sell for $75 http://www.automation-mall.com/abb-acs150-01u-02a4-2?fee=15&fep=6138&utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=AM+All+Products&gclid=CjwKCAiA2fjjBRAjEiwAuewS_eJoOFwCtvDIEhaLp5IyQHq7u18x37CsSqKAFsjZfr6tExv81_iX6xoCufwQAvD_BwE
  7. The distillery building is heated to constant 76f, and volume of the mash plus the biological heat from the yeast I haven't had any issues with temp - it will start at whatever temp I pitch the yeast and end up at 76f or room temp when ferment is finished. You could wrap a heat mat and some insulation around it if building is colder.
  8. . Two Tall is the name, it is located in Sun Prairie just outside Madison. I believe the are open Saturdays from 1:00-5:00. https://twotalldistilling.com/
  9. I just got back from the iStill training in Wisconsin and it far exceeded my expectations. I expected the class to mostly be about how to use the iStill machine but it was really the best class I have taken on theory of distillation, mashing, aging and fermentation. We ran both the iStill 500 and the new minis and made some whiskey, gin and bitters during the class, so it had a good hands on component as well. We have ordered a iStill 2000 to upgrade our distillery with and will be using it for start to finish process of grain mashing, fermentation and distillation. It seems you really can't beat it for ease of use, versatility and precise control over your process and flavors from start to finish. We ordered with indirect heaters and cooling radiator for temp control during mashing and fermentation. Compared to the price of upgrading all our equipment to 2000 liter, iStill seems like the best solution as well as a big time saver in not having to transfer the mash and clean multiple vessels, pumps and hoses ec... I will update with our experiences once we have our 2000 installed and operating.
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