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  1. Still_Holler

    proof obscuration

    My question is what about liquor with sugar added between 0-400mg/100ml? Does TTB ignore the obscuration up this point. If it is 0.4 degrees obscuration of proof per 100g/100ml it seems like that is a lot of allowable error.
  2. Still_Holler

    spirit scales

    Thanks for the Info Silk City. I haven't seen any mention of scale for determination of obscuration of proof by evaporation. The TTB video says "an analytical balance reading to at least 4 decimal places" and shows a 2.4166 gram readout, which would equal 0.1mg readout; but I don't see anything in the gauging manual to back that up. It seems exorbitantly accurate to me but maybe I am missing something. I am ignoring the difference between readout and accuracy which was pointed out, because the video specifically mentions readout. 400mg sugar per 100ml would be minimum reading of 100mg per 25ml sample. At readout of 1 mg that is max 0.5% error, and if the proof is obscured by 1.6 degree per 400mg/100ml than the error due to scale accuracy becomes 0.008 degree of proof. I would think that is within the bounds of what is required. At 0.1mg readout this becomes 0.0008 degree proof. I just got a $435.10 0.1mg readout scale (repeatability +- 0.3mg) from Amazon for this purpose but it is not NTEP. Prime scales gave me a quote for $1,000 and said the NTEP version would be 3-4 times more. I am going to go on the assumption I don't need NTEP for this since the potential for error is so small. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Still_Holler

    1L Kaleido O-I bottles (Oslo, Nordic, etc.)

    it says $200 I believe
  4. Still_Holler

    Review of Confederate Stills of Alabama

    I got a still and a masher from them and wish I had never done business with them.
  5. Still_Holler

    Corn Mashing Temp

    We are currently using a White Labs temp stable alpha-amylase prior to beginning the boil and heating to 190 f. Directions says to add pre boil and that enzyme will be de-activated during the boil. If doing a method like DonMateo talked about, adding the water super hot with the grain and letting it cool, would adding the alpha amylase at its highest stable temp during cool down still be beneficial? Is there a reason you want the alpha to be de-activated at some point? We also add barley at 145 f.
  6. Still_Holler


    I was wondering about this the other day. If you are unsure of the sugar content, would a TDS meter work for determining what method you need to determine proof by? (a) General. Proof obscuration of spirits containing more than 400 but not more than 600 milligrams of solids per 100 milliliters shall be determined by one of the following methods. The evaporation method may be used only for spirits in the range of 80–100 degrees at gauge proof. If 1 ppm = 1mg/l that would be 4,000-6,000 ppm TDS reading.
  7. Still_Holler

    Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    Paid $1,750 per new. Add in delivery you are looking at $2,000 per. They have ever been used. Make an offer.
  8. Still_Holler

    West Virginia Distillers Guild?

    I am not sure but would be very interested in joining.
  9. Still_Holler

    Whiskey Distillation Efficiency Problems

    Does the bluing in the still indicate a vapor leak? I am getting poor yield and blue staining on my tri clamp gaskets between the column sections.
  10. Still_Holler

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    At what proof were they barreled?
  11. Still_Holler

    Loss in low-wines run

    Hi Jedd, I just ran my first stripping run, I calculated about 9.5 gal total alcohol in the wash and got back 7.3 gal. I stopped running still when effluent was at 10% alcohol. Could you please share what is your estimated ethanol loss left in the still for a stripping run? I'm assuming less than 23% I got.
  12. Still_Holler


    Does anybody know where these are still available?
  13. Still_Holler

    Final proofing documentation for TTB

    Do you know of any form/worksheet like this for Gauge Record? I thought I read on one of these forums there where a downloadable set of templates that came with becoming an ADI member but now cant find it.
  14. Still_Holler

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    It seems like a reasonable question to me. I use enzymes and am fairly new to distilling, so I am trying to learn whether it has a negative impact on the final product (either perceived or actual) . Would you say the customers that ask are turned off by the fact it has liquid enzymes added to the mash?