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  1. I have a lightly used 304 SS ShoorSeal ball valve for sale. $75 fob. you are looking at around $150 new. PM your email if you want a pic, my computer won't upload them here.
  2. Was this harvested last fall? Thanks
  3. Sold the 6" to 2" reducer but column sections and dephlegs are still available.
  4. Hi, I am having trouble uploading the pics here if you want to post or PM your email address I can email them to you. Thanks
  5. Also have 6" to 2" reducer for top of the column with extra fnpt fitting welded on so you can have a temp sensor and analog thermometer. $100 The 4 plate sections plus dephleg plus reducer is a nice setup for running 140-150 proof spirits.
  6. For sale, shipping on buyer: Purchased from Affordable Distillery Equipment in 2016. 2 unused 6" SS Dephlegs, $300 obo each including 6" tri-clamp and silicon gasket ($450 on Still Dragon without tri-clamp) 4 unused 6" SS column sections with sight glasses and tri-clamp and silicon gasket (column sections only, no bubble plates included) $300 obo each I can get pics if you want. Thanks for looking. Located near Harman, WV 26270
  7. Unused in original packaging ABB VFD model ACS150-01U-02A4-2 $130 new, sell for $75 http://www.automation-mall.com/abb-acs150-01u-02a4-2?fee=15&fep=6138&utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=AM+All+Products&gclid=CjwKCAiA2fjjBRAjEiwAuewS_eJoOFwCtvDIEhaLp5IyQHq7u18x37CsSqKAFsjZfr6tExv81_iX6xoCufwQAvD_BwE
  8. The distillery building is heated to constant 76f, and volume of the mash plus the biological heat from the yeast I haven't had any issues with temp - it will start at whatever temp I pitch the yeast and end up at 76f or room temp when ferment is finished. You could wrap a heat mat and some insulation around it if building is colder.
  9. . Two Tall is the name, it is located in Sun Prairie just outside Madison. I believe the are open Saturdays from 1:00-5:00. https://twotalldistilling.com/
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