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  1. Unused in original packaging ABB VFD model ACS150-01U-02A4-2 $130 new, sell for $75 http://www.automation-mall.com/abb-acs150-01u-02a4-2?fee=15&fep=6138&utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=AM+All+Products&gclid=CjwKCAiA2fjjBRAjEiwAuewS_eJoOFwCtvDIEhaLp5IyQHq7u18x37CsSqKAFsjZfr6tExv81_iX6xoCufwQAvD_BwE
  2. The distillery building is heated to constant 76f, and volume of the mash plus the biological heat from the yeast I haven't had any issues with temp - it will start at whatever temp I pitch the yeast and end up at 76f or room temp when ferment is finished. You could wrap a heat mat and some insulation around it if building is colder.
  3. . Two Tall is the name, it is located in Sun Prairie just outside Madison. I believe the are open Saturdays from 1:00-5:00. https://twotalldistilling.com/
  4. I just got back from the iStill training in Wisconsin and it far exceeded my expectations. I expected the class to mostly be about how to use the iStill machine but it was really the best class I have taken on theory of distillation, mashing, aging and fermentation. We ran both the iStill 500 and the new minis and made some whiskey, gin and bitters during the class, so it had a good hands on component as well. We have ordered a iStill 2000 to upgrade our distillery with and will be using it for start to finish process of grain mashing, fermentation and distillation. It seems you really can't beat it for ease of use, versatility and precise control over your process and flavors from start to finish. We ordered with indirect heaters and cooling radiator for temp control during mashing and fermentation. Compared to the price of upgrading all our equipment to 2000 liter, iStill seems like the best solution as well as a big time saver in not having to transfer the mash and clean multiple vessels, pumps and hoses ec... I will update with our experiences once we have our 2000 installed and operating.
  5. Two masher mixers for sale from Mixer Direct manufactured by Baldor. Mixer Motor #1: 1/3 hp, single phase, explosion proof, new in box, Baldor number CL5001A, specs can be found on page 15 here https://www.baldor.com/mvc/DownloadCenter/Files/BR454 Can provide order number from Mixer Direct for assistance with matching parts... Motor only. Cost $660 new in fall 2017. Sell for $330, still unused in the box. FOB, or can deliver local to WV Mixer #2: 1/4HP, Non Explosion Proof, 3 Phase, Used 6 months Includes: motor and mixer assembly w/ 4 bolt 6" flange mount Lenze Model esv371n01sxc single phase converter VFD 40" Mixer paddle shaft with connection bolt. The blades have been cut off the shaft when it was removed from the masher, can be welded with whatever blade configuration you want. 4 bolt flange for welding to masher w/ SS bolts and washers. $600 OBO FOB, can sell with or without VFD (+$150), can sell VFD seperate for $150 ($360 retail) http://www.electricmotorwholesale.com/LENZE-ESV371N01SXC.html All pics are of this mixer except for one that is new, still wrapped in the box.
  6. 2 x 300 gallon open top fermenters from Affordable Distillery Equipment. They are heavy duty stainless steel with adjustable legs and include: 4" triclamp valves w/ 4" to 2" triclamp adapters, clamps and gaskets custom screen covers to keep bugs out, tri-clamp thermometer ports w/ thermometers clamps and gaskets. They have flat bottom but do drain completely with the angle provided by adjustable legs and the exit valve is welded slightly below bottom level. (see pic) One leg was bent during transport but still works fine.(see pic) Some scratches in bottom.(see pic) Used 1.5 years, upgrading to 2000L system. Can deliver within days drive of WV or load FOB Asking $2,000 each OBO will sell seperate
  7. We use Facebook a lot! As other folks said you have to keep posting on the reg to get results, but there is a marked difference in visitor on days when we post and days when we don't - the challenge is coming up with good pictures and posts day after day when you are trying to focus on other things. www.facebook.com/stillhollowspirits Cheers!
  8. I had same thing when I ran IPA, it didn't get up into the column, but plugged the pump I was emptying the still with!
  9. Thanks for the feed back. The reason I ask. I have hard water from a spring and we have had no issue with our mashes with it, but I had a friend of a friend come in and he sets up water treatment systems for breweries. He was saying brewers like soft for some types of beer and hard for others. He said could set me up a softener with a bypass so I could try mash with soft and mash with hard and compare. I know he would like to sell me a softener so not to keen on taking the time to mess with it unless I can find any evidence it would be helpful.
  10. TTB decided my distilled IPA should be called "Spirits Distilled From Grain and Distilled With Hops", on the label I tried to shorten it to "Spirits Distilled from Grain and Hops" but they shot that down. They also made me take the wording of the back of the label which said it was a distilled IPA and made me remove "Ales" from the name of the brewery which I was trying to give a shout out to. I am amazed at the ones that get through. I recently tried something called Hop Scotch Malt Whiskey by Mad River Distillery and it states on the back of the label it was made by a brewery and dry hopped prior to distillation. Maybe they know the right person to send a case of whiskey to?
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