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  1. Loss in low-wines run

    Hi Jedd, I just ran my first stripping run, I calculated about 9.5 gal total alcohol in the wash and got back 7.3 gal. I stopped running still when effluent was at 10% alcohol. Could you please share what is your estimated ethanol loss left in the still for a stripping run? I'm assuming less than 23% I got.
  2. Spreadsheets?

    Does anybody know where these are still available?
  3. Final proofing documentation for TTB

    Do you know of any form/worksheet like this for Gauge Record? I thought I read on one of these forums there where a downloadable set of templates that came with becoming an ADI member but now cant find it.
  4. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    It seems like a reasonable question to me. I use enzymes and am fairly new to distilling, so I am trying to learn whether it has a negative impact on the final product (either perceived or actual) . Would you say the customers that ask are turned off by the fact it has liquid enzymes added to the mash?
  5. Inventory Requirements - barrels

    I've been re-reading some cfrs trying to make sure I am doing all the reporting correctly. My question is does the quarterly inventory include all barrels? Do you have to move and weigh all barrels each quarter? 19.333 Physical inventories. A proprietor must take a physical inventory of all spirits and wines held in the storage account in tanks and other containers (except packages) at the close of each calendar quarter. A proprietor must record the results of the inventory as provided in subpart V of this part. TTB may require additional inventories at any time.
  6. Inventory Requirements - barrels

    Thanks, I just found those definitions. The efcr.gov website is much easier to navigate the the gpo.gov site. So is being in the storage vs. production account what differentiates a "tank" from a "package"? If I do my production gauge on each still run and then transfer into the storage account to a 100 gallon metal drum, the 100 gallon drum would be a "package" and not subject to the quarterly inventory?
  7. Inventory Requirements - barrels

    Is a barrel deemed a "package" for this purpose.
  8. Hello from south central PA!

    Good luck. We are a small operation not to far from the PA line near Davis, WV if you ever want to come see our operation.
  9. Hello from Silver Bear Distillery

    Congratulations and best of luck! I love Aquavit! We have a Swedish fellow who always brings some home made stuff to the local cross country ski area.
  10. SS Cooling Coil For 55 gal

    Where is it located?
  11. Storage Account

    I am doing monthly TTB reporting. In December I distilled some whiskey and put it in a stainless tank and recorded the proof gallons on the December Production report as going into a tank. In January I transferred the product from the tank to several barrels. I see no where on the Storage form to show if the whiskey is in a tank or barrel. Do I just keep internal documentation of the transfer to the barrels in case of an audit? Or am I missing something on the monthly storage reporting as to where the spirits are being stored? Thanks, Athey
  12. Storage Account

    Thanks you for the reply, that does help. I am now curious about the PS barrel designation for steamed or water filled barrels. Would that affect its designation as a new barrel for making bourbon? I recently purchased a couple new barrels and the cooper told me to fill them water for two days prior to filling with spirits to let the wood swell.
  13. Corn Whiskey - too much heads

    Do you know of any yeast strains that would produce less volatile acids in this type of mash?
  14. Corn Whiskey - too much heads

    I am making sour mash corn whiskey and getting a larger than expected heads component. I have few culprits in mind and wanted to run my procedure by the forum and see if anything pops out to people. 1. Am I just doing a poor job of separating the heads during distillation and smearing it into the first part of the hearts, causing me to collect a larger volume before the head flavor goes away? We have a 200gal direct fire pot still with 6" column with 4 non-bypassable bubble plates and dephelg on top. I let it reflux for 45 minutes at 165 degrees top of column. Once I start trying to decrease dephelg/increase the column temp and let distillate out I cannot get anything to come off the still until around 170 F. (I am at 2800' elevations so ethanol boiling point should be about 170) heads have been running off between 170-172 degrees from 195-175 proof. Wash is about 5% alcohol and pot temp is 195. I am getting 2.75 gal heads at 185 proof and 7.5 gal hearts at 160 proof - which leaves heads as %25 of total alcohol in the wash. 2. Is my fermentation creating a high percentage of heads compounds? From reading some things I think using a different yeast and pitching at a lower temp to create longer fermentation may help with this. I am doing all corn mash, letting it sweet mash (lactic) with alpha enzyme for 24 hours before cooking, then adding 30 gal backset, cooking to 190, cooling to 140, adding saccharization enzyme, and draining to fermenter for off grain fermentation. I am using lallemonde turbo yeast and pitching at 90 degrees F as per packaging recommendation (pitch between 100-90 degrees). Also using Servomyces and Fermaid-O organic yeast nutrient. The fermentations have been rapid and complete, below 1.000 sg in 48 hours. We are happy with the flavors and final product, just getting killed on the percentage of hearts we are recovering. (and our mash abv but that is a different story) Appreciate any feedback! Thanks.
  15. I will build my distillery from ground-up. But I need HELP!

    I was looking at trying to run a boiler system on wood pellets and found some manufacturers in China selling small scale high efficiency boimass powered low pressure steam boilers, I think it was on Alibaba or similar website. https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca/images/stories/2011/mayjune11/biomassboilerbuyersguidelr.pdf has some boiler systems that run on a variety of fuels. You will have to try and find one that does not need electricity to operate or maybe provide power from generator to the boiler unit to power controls. Most of these systems are almost power plant size, make some calls they could maybe help you find smaller systems to power 132 gal still.
  16. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

    Any advice on cleaning bubble plates without CIP? I just got a new 4 bubble plate column and am wondering best way to clean it between runs? I will be running the same product (whiskey off grain) almost daily so not worried about taste of the product coming through in the next batch. Do I need to take the plates off to remove the liquid in the bottom and clean each time? I talked to some folks who said they dismantle and run theirs in a dishwasher. Would running water with cleaner (caustic or acid) through the column following the run and then running clean water through the column to rinse it suffice? If so, how do I ensure no residual cleaning solution from the pot ends up in the plates? Thanks!
  17. Corn Whiskey - too much heads

    Thank you for the knowledge Silk City Distillers! I'm running it up to temp right now so I will try to do very little reflux and see how that goes.
  18. Corn Whiskey - too much heads

    Thanks, that is a great mash technique article, we do add the backset pre-cook.
  19. Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Personally, I don't think there is such a thing as "legal moonshine" once you go legal it is no longer moonshine. It can be used as a marketing gimmick, but it ain't really moonshine! Just my 2 cents from where I come from.
  20. Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Its going to be hard to find the data, some "legal moonshine" is unaged whiskey or corn whiskey, some is a specialty spirits comprised of grains and sugar. Since there is no standard of identity for moonshine, it will be hard to track.
  21. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    Curious as to what you mean by "cutting" instead of stirring the mash? I have been using a hammer mill to crack my corn, I notice you say cracked corn is best. Any thoughts or experience on using a roller mill as is common when lautering malt?
  22. Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    We have a 200 gal masher and still.
  23. Roskamp SP650-14

    3 phase?
  24. Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    I am on septic. I installed septic specifically for the distillery and had to get a permit from the county sanitarian. I also had to work with State Department of Environmental Protection on a plan showing where all wastes where going, then they checked with sanitarian to make sure everyone was on the same page. My permit does not allow for washing grain or spent stillage into the floor drain. I am permitted for a certain amount of gallons per day/week for cleaning and the use of two bathrooms. I was told to avoid much alcohol going into system as it has high biological oxygen demand and can kill the life in the septic. Also have to be careful about putting to much water at once in as it can wash the solids from tank into your leachfield and clog it. For example running your dephleg and condensor water into drain for long period of time. I collect mine in a tank and land apply just to avoid clogging my septic. You may want to look at a closed loop with chiller for your condensor and dephleg water if land application is not an option as volume of water will likely be more than septic can handle. You can ask potential landlord to see copy of septic permit, it should show you the size of the tank and layout and what it is permitted for.
  25. face respirators and beards

    We mill outside due to the dust and wear half face mask with dust catridges. I used to work in environmental remediation and we always had to have a clean shave when we did the respirator fitting test to get a good seal. Curious, why does grain have DE in it? To prevent bugs? It really is terrible to breath and not good for your eyes either.