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  1. No13Distilling

    Cooling Water set up feedback

    Sounds like Sons of Vancouver/The Distillery School -
  2. No13Distilling

    Torrified vs Raw vs Malted Wheat

    Can anyone share some good info regarding different types of whole grain wheat when making vodka? Torrified vs raw vs malted wheat? How does each affect conversion, flavour, etc.
  3. No13Distilling

    40' x 1.5" Stainless Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

    Hey I'm in Winnipeg and want this. I'll send you a PM.
  4. No13Distilling

    200l column still

    I’m assuming this is electric by the photos - is it bain marie or direct heat via elements?
  5. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    I was meaning for use with spirit stills, to run through the condenser - you had recommended a unit about 2 HP.
  6. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    http://www.advantageengineering.com/breweryChiller/units/breweryChillerGlycol-bc1.5a.php Would this unit do the trick? There's someone selling one used.
  7. No13Distilling

    Weight of 400g Mash Tun

    Does anyone have a 400 gallon mash tun or similar and is able to tell me what the weight is while empty? I know manufacturers will provide specs, but I just need a ballpark right now.
  8. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    Thanks for the info. It gets down to about -50 here at times, so I there'd be risk of the glycol freezing outdoors anyway!
  9. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    How do those work exactly? And are you talking glycol or just cold water?
  10. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    As I stated above, I have no intention of using closed loop for the wash still - there's too much heat being generated to do that.
  11. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    I have buddies who run 2 x 200L stills and they run water from an IBC tote to their condensers and then back through a radiator/fan combo, then back into the tote. Can run for 8 hours without much temp change. Ice to cool it down on really hot days. I'm just not sure that our inspectors will go for that, so the radiator/glycol method may be required. Any idea how much something like that would run?
  12. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    1000 L wash still, but I'm just going to use city water for that, because I don't think I'll be able to recycle it.
  13. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    2 x 200L reflux stills
  14. No13Distilling

    Spirit Still Cooling System

    Yeah, someone else suggested just a simple tote of water run by a pump through and back into the tote. I'm worried that might not stay cool long enough for a whole run though?