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  1. Black Creek


    It's only Quarantine if it's in the Quarantine province of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling isolation.
  2. Dave, you ever get down this way after we have some tastings I'm taking you to the best seafood place in Florida.
  3. Ok so it is designated by class (apple) flavored rum, got it. Can we consider it rum after the stripping run and consider the second spirit run the flavoring process to an already existing rum? Or should I just get some extract, lol?
  4. Thanks D and Silk. I thought so just wanted to be sure. I am guessing no need to submit a formula? Will have to submit for new label of course, no problem there. Thanks again.
  5. I have built a thump keg to attach to my column still that I intend to fill with apple puree and tails to pick up the apple flavor in the distillate. Anybody know if I can gauge it by my normal method using hydrometer and thermometer prior to bottling or will I need to gauge by distillation? TIA
  6. I got my filters for enolmatic from Great Western Malting. When I purchased I couldn't find the bottler and filter from one place. Took a little while to piece the system together but by the time I was ready for it we were good.
  7. Can't speak for all of course but my still has electric heat elements and I can't imagine running it to the point that they might be exposed instead of submerged.
  8. The poll is flawed, you have to enter values for things you do not offer to go to next question.
  9. Bought two conical tanks and attachments from this company. I had a ball valve start dripping after 5 uses. It is the 12th day since telling them warranty or not please send one. I have called and emailed til I'm done. Just lost all my future business over a ball valve. Got the replacement in today from another company. At glance looks to be made better. Live and learn. Just know that if you use this company they will not stand behind their product and will not even return a call or email. Zero customer service.
  10. Yeah but who has 20 hrs to babysit a still. Much happier with end product from a strip then spirit run than I ever was with single pass.
  11. "I'd like to get it down to where I'm making single runs to finished product." I tried that too. I make stripping runs now. I have a 52 gal, 6" ,4 plate mile hi still. I am currently looking to build a 150 gallon stripping still and use the 52 just for spirit runs.
  12. So the heat has come home to Florida. Ferment hit 90 degrees and finished out like a race horse. That answers that question. Come fall I guess I'll be needing to build an immersion heater or two.
  13. So if you start with a wine that was aged in oak for two years then you're good to go? Pros/cons?
  14. So far I have been placing them by hand. Would be interesting to see a few machines. Designed my own labels and sent them to print house I've been using for years in my sign business. 500 on a roll. Easy enough til we get into serious #s.
  15. Sugar Daddy is where I get my panela. Jason is great to work with.
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