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  1. Black Creek


    Exactly, lol. My home county is even worse. But we are almost there!
  2. Black Creek


    State of Florida disagrees. Did not need one for fed permit but was told to get one for Florida by the state or application would be turned down.
  3. Black Creek


    Great post. Just got my surety bond through HUB International. 300.00 for the year, about 1/2 of what the other vendors quoted. Quick service as well. Now I can finally submit to state, had fed permit since January. The locals have been holding me up at every space on the dang form. I am the first distillery ever in our county and no one in local government has a clue what to do with us. hopefully making rum VERY SOON
  4. Black Creek

    local sewer district concerns on water use, BOD, TSS

    I went through pretty much the same. Local health dept has no clue what to do with us as we are the first distillery ever in our county. Had to get DEP to give us a 5 yr exempt permit for wastewater after we submitted plan showing 0 waste.
  5. Black Creek


    These insurance people are funny. Just got off phone with an agency, lady told me they only do business with people who are already customers. In other words they aren't looking for new customers. Must be nice. Keep dialing, lol. I'll get a quote yet. Lord give me the strength to get past these last hurdles to being legal and operating.
  6. Black Creek

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Looks like same process we use for making cane syrup. Also close to process for making panalla from videos I have seen. We use a tractor to run the grinder these days though.
  7. Black Creek

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Try some panella sugar. I am considering planting a couple acres this year in cane myself just to play with. I have a friend with a grinder that grows cane and makes syrup. Supposedly the agricole style rums have a nice grassy note.
  8. 11? The heck with the barrel how about a bottle! Sounds awesome. Just out of curiosity what size barrel? If I were closer I might grab a couple from you.
  9. Black Creek

    Aging Rum

    Bagging. Using 30 gallon drums. 150 gallon fermenters and 52 gallon still. Vendor can make a mix of chars and bag in appropriate amount for the drum. Leaning toward a mix of med and med+ char mixed. Very small batches to start until I get it just like the boss (my wife) wants.
  10. Black Creek

    Aging Rum

    Any thoughts on stainless steel and spirals?
  11. Black Creek

    Hello from the Burg

    A little further along. Past local authorities and equipment ordered. I will be the first distillery in our county so they took their time with approval learning their way as I learn mine. Small amount of construction and then on to TTB. One small step at a time.
  12. Black Creek

    Spiced Rum

    From who?
  13. Black Creek

    Hello from the Burg

    Florida boy here. MIddleburg. Down in the cane swamp, lol.
  14. Black Creek

    Hello from the Burg

    Hello everyone. Wife and I are starting a very small operation together. Not planning so much on taking over the world as just having a nice little spot to call our own in the game. Transitioning from 37 years together in the sign and screen printing business to making rum and vodka in some of our warehousing. In the early stages and getting all our ducks in a row so to speak. Been lurking for some time and doing my best to educate myself on the process and my wife on the business side. Will be in the ad game til my days are done to some extent I am sure but time to get out of the bucket truck is rapidly approaching this old fat hippy. Looking forward to learning and distilling between fishing trips. So.. Hello!