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  1. What ever happened to iStill?

    New World's "Ooma Gin", and "Rabbit and Grass Agave Spirits" that come off these are great! Odin, it was nice to meet you last summer -- I'm glad we had a few minutes on the way to the airport to chat!
  2. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Thanks, we'll need it! Actually, there are quite a few other DSP's in Utah and we're all doing pretty well!
  3. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    High West is a "blending distillery", though they do have a small amount of their own product. Their new facility in Wanship, UT is quite impressive, and they have recently been bought by Constellation Brands https://www.wsj.com/articles/constellation-brands-acquires-high-west-distillery-for-160-million-1475625536
  4. Greetings from behind the Zion Curtain! Hammer Spring Distillers has been working hard for almost two years to get our family owned micro-distillery up and going on the West side of Salt Lake City, Utah! While we're waiting for our DSP (expecting it in November 2017), we've been busy ordering and installing equipment, fixtures, signage, etc. Things are coming together and we are very excited, to say the least, for our grand opening hopefully sometime in the Spring of 2018! We will come to market with a Vodka and Gin product (including plans for some special releases!), then when it's ready a Straight American Rye Whiskey. Add to the mix cocktail bitters, and a pretty darn awesome whiskey pancake syrup! We still have lots of questions, so hopefully we'll meet some folks here in the know who won't mind lending us their ears from time to time! JP & Vita Bernier Hammer Spring Distillers www.hammerspring.com