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  1. The boiler is setup to run off propane or natural gas. The electric is used to run the blower and pumps. It's over 88% efficient.
  2. The boiler can be wired to either 480 or 240. It has different junction boxes for each.
  3. The still, boiler and mashing tank are setup for 480v 3-Phase electric. Everyting has option for 240 volt just needs a bit of rewiring. The operation is setup around 600 gallon batches. We do 4 cooks and strips and then use the output of that for the final spirit run. The boiler is sized to accommodate addition of a 1500 gallon stripping still as volume demands increase. You can make about 600 gallons of finished vodka per week or around 20 barrels of whiskey or bourbon with the system as-is. Feel free to contact me at 812-572-5700 with additional questions or interest. Thanks, WTB
  4. 600 Gallon Pot Still & Automated Control System /w Mashing Program and column controls and has temperature controls for 10 fermenters 4 Plate Copper Whiskey Column 16 Plate Vodka Column Gin Basket Condenser Column 650 Steam Jacketed Mash Cooker /w agitator 3.25MBTU Steam Boiler and water supply tank 2 - 10K gallon cooling tanks (Working as heat sinks essentially) 1 - 1k gallon Spirit Holding Tank Cooling Circulation Pump Velo DE Filter Piping, Hosts, etc. The system was setup to run 2 cooks and 2 strips per day or do a spirit run of stripped spirits. $250,000.00 We also have some finished spirits and can discuss prices if interested. I can also sell some of the fermenters but am going to be keeping some of them for other purposes. Please PM me here with your contact information and I'll send photo's and am happy to discuss the equipment. Thanks, WTB
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