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  1. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Almost every application gets a deficiency email. The last two DSP applications I filed for clients received requests for corrections (minor stuff) within 30 days of filing. My brewery applications are taking longer. Wineries are wholesale/import are pretty quick. hope that helps. John Springer john@ttbhelp.us www.ttbhelp.us 631-331-3334
  2. New DSP in Ohio

    Congratulations John!
  3. Iowa distiller looking for equipment

    Thanks. I'm passing along contact information for everyone who replied or email. Best, JS
  4. What equipment is REQUIRED before submitting DSP application?

    The questions the TTB asks on the DSP application merely mirror the regulations. Your DSP doesn't have to be built but you at least need to tell TTB the type of still(s) you will use, the maximum proof capacity in a 24-hour period for each piece of equipment. The law presumes that if you and your partners qualify, the location qualifies and your premise and Method of Operation don't run afoul of the federal regulations, you'll get the permits. The suppliers can comment about lead time, but you'll probably want to order your equipment relatively soon after you have 1) decided you want to operate a DSP 2) determined that you qualify 3) determined that the location qualifies 4) secured your startup money. Hope this helps.
  5. Iowa distiller looking for equipment

    Hi, all. New to ADI Forums so tell me if I'm violating any rules... I have a new DSP client in the Des Moines, IA area who is going to need equipment. Referrals for designers and suppliers via email would be appreciated. Best, John Springer email: john@ttbhelp.us www.ttbhelp.us
  6. New to ADI forums

    Love the website and forums! I have helped NYS wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers with New York State Liquor Authority matters for nearly 10 years, and did some TTB work for them. The craft explosion, however, has opened up a whole new existing world to me as I see a real need for timely, accurate information and advice for clients. Best, John Springer