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  1. Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    Can you attach some photos?
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know about the regional differences in aquavit? It appears that a lot of the Northern European countries different variations of aquavit (such a Norwegian distilleries using potatoes for their base spirits and barrel age their aquavit). What are the traditional recipes/botanical profile for the major aquavit regions and how do they affect flavor? Thank you!
  3. Buying Ingredients from Local Farms

    This is great information! Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I am starting distillery in Minnesota and hope to be up and running by the summer of 2018. I am wondering how distilleries are working with local farms and what it looks like to purchase raw grains from them. Specifically, I am wondering: 1. Are most of you working with one farm or several? 2. How often are you able to purchase grain from them and are there any seasonal restrictions, particularly in Minnesota? 3. What kind of prices are you getting per pound? I'm interested in using raw wheat, corn, and barley. 4. What other considerations should I be making that I am missing? I know this is a truly beginner question, so I appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thank you!