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  1. Canned Cocktails?

    You may be able to force carbonate the way we do beer in 5 gallon soda kegs. We dump CO2 into them at higher then pumping rate and shake. You can do it without shaking too but you have to pump the C02 in the "out" port and give it time to absorb. Once you hve it gassed you can tap it out with a bottle filler. Just a thought.. Edit: OR just go for non carbonated drinks!
  2. Canned Cocktails?

    They do make a resealable screw top can for beer - miller, anheiser, and coors all use it or some form of it. 355ml would be a 12oz can... so if you made your cocktail in your bonded premise and used one of these aluminum screw top cans - doesnt that work? Or am I missing something? -Scott
  3. No-Chill Method for Whiskey?

    What about just using the tried and true "wort chiller" copper pipe like we have done forever with homebrew. Especially if you have a small enough mash tank. You can drop a coil in before during or at the end of the boil. Then run cold water through it and cool it down that way. You will have to agitate the hot wort to help cool it quicker. If not that then a coil in a cold water bath (50gallon drum with a 3/4 coil in it) you can run the hot through the coil instead of the other way round. Id imagine that will work pretty fast and will be an inexpensive solution. Thats pretty much how Payton Fireman does it in his book "Distillery Operations". I think he used a hot water heater to do it (or the coil from it). -Scott
  4. Point of Sale System

    Silk Which bank? -Scott
  5. Grape Juice, Must, or Pomace sources

    Well thats a ridiculous cost to work with for totes so - pomace i have a source for when the season hits - but as you said its a once a year thing and Ill end up paying for cold storage for any I want to freeze and time-shift. I am hoping a grape concentrate might help - or frozen juice. I was going to stop by corrados worst case but I am pretty sure the cost will be as you said too expensive. I suppose a different fruit may work. What do you think about that?
  6. I am working on a recipe and I am looking for sources for grape juice either frozen, concentrated, or fresh, grape must, and even pomace (cake) would be considered. I only need them in 5 gallon (or about 50lbs) at a time at the moment. Thanks Scott
  7. "Startup business plan" resource?

    They are actual business plans for distilleries that have been shared along with some other good information. Scott
  8. Rice Whiskey

    I have actually been playing (on try 2 now) with using "sweet" rice and the "chinese" yeast balls that are used for traditional rice wine. The wine made on the first test batch was rather high in alcohol for me (12%) and this one is still doing its thing. Its a very slow process this way at about a month.... But I would be trying it with some other types of yeast in the future. In my case I cooked the rice as you would to eat it - crushed the rice balls and added them into the cooked rice. Then--- wait... As time goes by the rice converts into a liquid as it breaks down and it does it pretty completely. Of course I am talking uber small batch testing. I have no idea what will happen if I expand that. Thought you might be interested. Scott
  9. Calling all new New Jersey distillers

    It woudl be great actually if we had an idea of whos coming and where -- sometimes i think we are all too hush hush! So who is working on a new distillery in Jersey besides me? -Scott
  10. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    OK I have to back peddle - i was reading the regs and then read this article: https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/ sorry for my cofnusion but this is indeed where I got my info.. Scott
  11. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    I remember reading in the regs that if you store in 50 gallons or less volumes, you can store in plastic. But the regs DO say you cannot store above that amount in plastic. So when you get your shipment of gns or whatever you must move it into appropriate containers. Scott
  12. New Jersey Guild?

    Is there, or has there been any motion. on a New Jersey guild? Id be interested. Thanks! Scott
  13. New Jersey Taxes

    Yup Thats what i figured. Thanks!
  14. New Jersey Taxes

    Thanks Silk - much appreciated. Do you add that to the price as a bottle cost - or when you sell it along with the sales tax? I assume you add it in to the price per bottle like you would the Fed Tax. Thanks Scott
  15. New Jersey Taxes

    Can someone please share with me the taxes that are collected from NJ based on sales? I am assuming they get a piece of each gallon...... Thanks Scott BPD