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  1. "Startup business plan" resource?

    They are actual business plans for distilleries that have been shared along with some other good information. Scott
  2. Rice Whiskey

    I have actually been playing (on try 2 now) with using "sweet" rice and the "chinese" yeast balls that are used for traditional rice wine. The wine made on the first test batch was rather high in alcohol for me (12%) and this one is still doing its thing. Its a very slow process this way at about a month.... But I would be trying it with some other types of yeast in the future. In my case I cooked the rice as you would to eat it - crushed the rice balls and added them into the cooked rice. Then--- wait... As time goes by the rice converts into a liquid as it breaks down and it does it pretty completely. Of course I am talking uber small batch testing. I have no idea what will happen if I expand that. Thought you might be interested. Scott
  3. Calling all new New Jersey distillers

    It woudl be great actually if we had an idea of whos coming and where -- sometimes i think we are all too hush hush! So who is working on a new distillery in Jersey besides me? -Scott
  4. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    OK I have to back peddle - i was reading the regs and then read this article: https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/ sorry for my cofnusion but this is indeed where I got my info.. Scott
  5. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    I remember reading in the regs that if you store in 50 gallons or less volumes, you can store in plastic. But the regs DO say you cannot store above that amount in plastic. So when you get your shipment of gns or whatever you must move it into appropriate containers. Scott
  6. New Jersey Guild?

    Is there, or has there been any motion. on a New Jersey guild? Id be interested. Thanks! Scott
  7. New Jersey Taxes

    Yup Thats what i figured. Thanks!
  8. New Jersey Taxes

    Can someone please share with me the taxes that are collected from NJ based on sales? I am assuming they get a piece of each gallon...... Thanks Scott BPD
  9. New Jersey Taxes

    Thanks Silk - much appreciated. Do you add that to the price as a bottle cost - or when you sell it along with the sales tax? I assume you add it in to the price per bottle like you would the Fed Tax. Thanks Scott
  10. Collection Tank

    What about Corrados in Clifton? Have you had any experience there? Its alot closer to me - and you for that matter. Gino Pinto has nothing online so its harder to see what they have to choose from. Thanks Scott
  11. Collection Tank

    These do look great! Thanks!
  12. Collection Tank

    Where do you get the new O-rings (cap and in/out fillers) - ALSO Silk where do you get olive oil tanks? Id like to look into them. Thanks Scott
  13. Collection Tank

    Thats exactly what I did years ago! Of course I ended up with both styles of pin locks - but the adapters are readily available so I trade them out in the Kegorator.... The soda kegs are starting to become more rare so ive been told as most soda places have switched over to boxes for syrup. Most howbrew places (where most homebrewers shop) will still find them used - but about twice what they used to go for. -S
  14. Collection Tank

    Ive been to Silk's place - nice setup! I loved the use of the pasteurization tank! Thats how to think outside the box. Silk when is that Ballantine spirit going to be ready?
  15. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Interesting some of the math in here..... but I think math alone is oversimplifying things... Lets assume the beer is half the margin of the spirits. When you sell a drink you can either pull a beer from the tap ............ or you can have your drink mixer pull some fresh herbs (that you need to bring in every couple of days), muddle, add crushed ice (that someone likely smacks with a wooden hammer), flavors, juices, cap and shake then pour and pass... dont forget rinse out shaker etc. The costs of the addtional time, man power (you have alot of people to serve) and all the extra mixers and attention has to be added into the equation. And lets not forget you need to pay that "mixologist" too. And also the difference in the time and energy (gas/electricity) just to make the product... I agree the profit in the end is still higher - but not quite as drastic as youd think. Just my .02 -Scott
  16. Location decision: NJ vs PA

    I am also thinking hard whether to setup in NJ or in my case just over the border in NYS. I WANT to stay in Jersey and the plan we are working on centers around staying here. Its tough though with some confusion as to what we can do and what we cant. Granted the laws are pretty recent. Have any of you NJ people run into anything unexpected? How much easier is it to get going in New York State? Thanks -Scott
  17. iStill 250 For Sale

    OK thanks Im coming down to see you either this weekend or next (its manahopkin this weekend) - looking forward to checking you out. -Scott
  18. Did you ever sell this still? I am assuming you did but.......... Thanks -Scott
  19. iStill 250 For Sale

    BKW - Did you ever sell your Istill?
  20. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    Looks really interesting...... Definitely different!
  21. New on the forum and working my way through it all. Love all the info here and am hoping to be able to help where I can. -Scott
  22. Hey Silk - Love to talk to you - can you message me?