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  1. Yeah, if you're not pricing FOB, then you're asking for trouble. Any worthwhile distributor can handle shipping from your distillery.
  2. It's been a mixed bag here too. We have plenty for sale in different sizes in the stillhouse retail store. We do gallon and half gallon containers. We are seeing an odd swing of availability in the local marketplace; one day the local Walmart or CVS is flush with inventory. The next day they're empty. As a result, we're just telling people we have it, we will always stock it as long as there is demand, and we will watch the local pricing to stay competitive. We kind of treat it as a new sku - and one that draws first time customers to the retail store.
  3. We are having local government institutions ask for a suitable sanitizer spray. Logic seems to say that following the same use-instructions as similar-composition surface sanitizers would be an acceptable answer. Do we know if the FDA is being queried on this? Anyone have any feedback or thoughts? Too risky?
  4. So just looking ahead, I think we will see a subsequent demand for regular spray sanitizer. Not just hand sanitizer. I have been studying the products on List N, and they look not unlike what the hand sanitizer looks like (yea, depending on the product they can be very different). Any thoughts from the hive mind on this?
  5. A note of caution for those of us looking for containers. Make sure you call a real human being and confirm they have inventory before you pay (if it's possible). I nearly got stung by a website that said they had inventory of something I needed, only to call and talk to someone who said they were backordered till May and didn't know why the website said they had stock.
  6. Also, stores that sell hair salon supplies will have H2O2. Usually pretty cheap.
  7. combi-blocks.com has it cheap and in stock. Got mine overnighted. You have to set up an account.
  8. Am I wrong in saying 1/16th of an ounce equals about 1.70 grams? That's 1.77g per 100gallons. That is a very small amount.
  9. If I am not mistaken, the COVID -19 call today with the ACDA mentioned that Discus and the ACDA are in contact with the FDA and TTB on the matter. I could have misheard that, but that was what it sounded like.
  10. Kelvin has never let us down and neither has the Barrel Mill. Both are great folks to do business with. Kelvin, like BM are a bit on the pricier side (you get what you pay for). ISC has been consistent (and cheaper than the other two), and quality has been pretty good.
  11. For years we have used these carefully, gently and for short lifts/rearranging barrels on racks. $40.00us https://www.harborfreight.com/2-ton-lifting-sling-34708.html
  12. Gotta bump this post because I got two other unsolicited calls from some jackasses on this same scam from Legacy something or other in CA. Their number was 818.505.0025. Be warned, they're persistent.
  13. We currently use Square and will need to change for a busier tasting room location. Square works ok for our volumes currently, but we're on the edge of needing more. What is Union charging users?
  14. Sometimes the threaded vertical rods that hold the vessel together will start to walk/loosen. You can crank it down and it will still leak. Check that you have a good seat and that the rods haven't worked their way free.
  15. Hand tight is ok. Youre just making a slightly compressed seal. Think capping a thermos. If it leaks it'll dribble down the side and or may make a noise or slightly lose suction (if I remember right). Try to tighten the knobs uniformly (like a star pattern). I think I remember the acorn caps at the end (countersunk nuts at the bottom) becoming lose, as well as some of the other nuts on the tie rods (those threaded long bolts on the sides). You have to watch those and make sure they stay tightened and uniform. If they come lose, it will leak and not hold a seal. Its been a few years since I had mine so there may be others here that used theirs much more recently.
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