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  1. We acquired this boiler a month ago, but sadly cant use it (our expansion plans changed). Our loss is your gain. This is a Burnham 5017B boiler. About 30 Hp. Low pressure steam (15 psi). Natural gas fired. This unit is used, but just taken out of service about 2-3 months ago. It is a sectional boiler, so it ships disassembled. It’s not difficult to assemble, it just has to be done on-site. The unit ships from 29673 on 8 pallets and total weight is 4000lbs. Buyer pays for shipping (pickup is ok too). The links to the products as well as other technical details are here: http://www.burnhamcommercial.com/resources/product-information/5b/brochure.pdf http://www.burnhamcommercial.com/technical-info/cast-iron/technical-info.php http://www.burnhamcommercial.com/assets/pdf/5b-manuals-io.pdf We purchased this unit for $15,000. Make us an offer. Email with questions. DR at sixandtwentydistillery dot com
  2. Blackheart

    TN vs GA?

    GA distributor situation is similar. They pretty much own your ass unless you can work out a buyout or leave the state for a set period of years. Both states are absolutely shitty in that regard.
  3. We had that same enolmaster system and we didn't use the pyrex filter housing. Never ever had a problem in 3 years. Washed it thoroughly, handled gently, didn't overtighten the lid.
  4. Having used an Enolmatic for years, and as you can see here, the filters are standard sizes, so you can find replacements at a low cost. We added a 10 inch pre filter with a Nalgene or polypropylene body (very common and very cheap filters) as a pre-filter to our line (10 um) and then used 1 um in the filter canister.
  5. We've used Wright for 7 years. We swear by them! Great people, product and price!
  6. This is a great idea for a low cost deph controller Highlander. Mounting it in a place that you can access easily (like not up high, needing a ladder climb each time you need to adjust it) is the trick, I think. I might consider these for some new fermenter vessel install I am working on. That's a great use for these IMHO; set and forget. Just watch the temp probe dial to make sure it's still working.
  7. HDPE Paddles work great too. A little bit of elbow grease, but pretty reasonable and no explosion risk
  8. I have always marveled at the ability of Boeing to hold our bilateral trade policy as hostage on this issue. How about we ask for subsidies? Just like Boeing gets? Or the farmers? We're paying, after all. Might as well get in line for handouts.
  9. Back to the original question here. As Paul says, its an easy backflush. Water rinse, caustic, water rinse, acid, water rinse (or leave it without rinsing in accordance with your passivation schedule). You can pipe from the cip manifold to where you attach the parrot with a transfer hose too. It'll clean the hose in the process too.
  10. Hey Teton. Im not sure what your operation looks like, and it's like Aaron says, comparing insurance policies can be like apples to oranges, but generally speaking, $4k is pretty low.
  11. We use this setup at our shop. The same model has been a good workhouse for us.
  12. Silk: Forgive my ignorance, but is it possible to run a 100psi boiler at the low pressure range? I've heard arguments to contrary on this and I'd like to get a different perspective.
  13. Ive used a thermostat controlled valve for steam control on my boiler and it was not the way to go. A better tuned steam supply window from the boiler as Sudzie suggests is what worked for me.
  14. Alternatively we seal and store membrane/polishing filters in the freezer to inhibit bacterial growth. Has been working great.
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