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  1. Larry G

    Pot Still Design (26 Gallon Setup)

    @Southernhighlander Thanks, I will be in touch. I appreciate it!
  2. Larry G

    Pot Still Design (26 Gallon Setup)

    @MGL I am looking to start with equipment that the farmer already has on hand. He purchased a 26 gallon distilling milk can and the plan is to start very small and give the farm a product they can sell at their farm stand to generate a little revenue. @foreshot Thanks for the info, I was thinking of the copper onion or helmet to increase the amount of copper surface area since he is working with apples primarily. The plan is to gain some experience and see if there is interest in his product, so anything visually appealing that I can do to help generate interest should help, as you said it is probably more for marketing purposes. I will continue looking, I have seen some products from Alibaba but I am not sure I want to risk buying from there.
  3. I am looking for some advice, I am looking to price out a still for a business plan for my master's degree. I am beginning with a 26-gallon stainless milk can. I am thinking that a copper whiskey helmet at the very least before the actual copper pot still tower. Does anyone have any design suggestions or any info on sourcing the equipment? I have to provide real numbers for the business plan. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Larry G

    Hello from Massachusetts

    @Strawman I’ll definitely send you a message. I’m just starting learning about distilling so it would be great to have a local person to ask questions if. @Foreshot @SlickFloss thanks for the recommendations I’ll check them out. Sorry for for the delay, I started a new job and haven’t been on for a while. Now things are going smooth and I’m ready to get started learning about distilling.
  5. Larry G

    Hello from Cape Cod, MA

    Hi Chris I am from Central Mass, I am new to distilling. I have been homebrewing for years and came across distilling from researching Brown Forman as part of a finance course I took for my MBA. Best of luck opening a distillery, I have to write a business plan for my MBA, if you have already written one I would be interested in knowing if you found any online resources to help you out with that. Larry
  6. Hello I began doing research into the distilling industry as part of my MBA coursework. I am a long time homebrewer and have really developed an interest in learning more about distilling and the industry. I am new to distilling and look forward to learning through the posts on this site. Also if anyone has any recommendations on books that focus on the distilling process and recipe formulation I would greatly appreciate hearin them. Larry