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  1. Thanks - I never had any issues cooling down my mash with the jacket using city water. My mashing/fermentation is actually the same as making whiskey. I used rye/wheat along with a grain whiskey yeast.
  2. total height is 14 feet 8 inches
  3. Perhaps I misjudged your original post, but I feel the tone between your first and second posts is stark. I simply don't think your post was relevant to selling my equipment. It's a conversation on semantics that I believe is best discussed elsewhere. Anyway, no big deal.
  4. I'll let you know if I go that route.
  5. Turnkey is a broad term when it comes to industrial equipment. Typically it's used to signify that you don't need to purchase any other parts or items in order for the said equipment to function. Given all industrial equipment needs licensed installers (i.e. electricians, plumbers, engineers, etc.), your definition would never be applicable to any equipment. Please refrain from posting such inane comments on this post and save them for other outlets such as Facebook to show off your pseudo-intellectual prowess.
  6. I am selling my entire distillery's equipment as a package deal. This is a full turnkey operation to be able to make nearly any spirit from scratch. The main still is a 600L Kothe double column Vodka line. All the main equipment like the still, mash tank, pumps, etc. come with the electrical panels and wiring (a huge bonus). Also the still has been upgraded with instrumentation and automation for not only more control but also better visibility across the entire distillation. The primary heating for the still and mash tank is electric. Nearly all the electrical hookups are at 480V (more efficient and less amperage for wiring). The asking price is $140,000.00 and does not include shipping (can be worked out later). The current physical location is in Portland, OR. Here is the link to the brochure containing the photos and list of items included. http://www.irdistillery.com/pdf/Distillery_Equipment_Sale.pdf For any questions or interests, you can reply to this post or email me (Nelson) directly at nelson@irdistillery.com