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  1. majorvices

    Filtered Gin?

    Yes, I understand that the filtering process is stripping the flavors from my gin. I'm trying a couple additional stripping runs first before running through the gin basket. Going to lower the ABV in the pot and skip the bubbler plates for final run and add additional botanicals to the pot and see if that solves the problems. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. majorvices

    Filtered Gin?

    The basket is last, after vodka defleg and before condensor.
  3. majorvices

    Filtered Gin?

    Having issues with my first attempt at Gin. I have an 18 plate bubbler and a 4 plate whiskey column.When I make my gin I make it like I do my vodka. I run through the entire still(whiskey and vodka plates- total of 22 plates, as a spirit run after a stripping run.) I run the vodka through a charcoal filter to polish it. It does very well and is a solid, very clean vodka. The problem is when I filter the gin I lose the bontanicals. The first time I packed the filter like I do the vodka and when it came through it literally smelled and tasted like vodka.I pulled out 2 thirds of charcoal and ran it again.Not much botanical loss but definitely an "unfiltered" flavor. One suggestion I got was to filter my "vodka"first then run it through the gin basket. But I really didn't want todo that.
  4. I own a brewery and we separate the mash (usually) even with 51% corn (and up) plus rye. The trick is running the rakes while you sparge/lauter. I have done corn whiskey fermented in the still then distilled on the grain and I like the product but, being set up as a brewery, it is far easier for us to separate the wash from the grain.
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