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  1. richard1

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Consistency. I love the idea of barrels and it all sounds right BUT is it not the better way (for consistency) to rather use new charred staves with a 53G drum or similar. In this way you know that you are putting in new and same quantities with every batch.
  2. richard1

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Really nice comments coming out. Here in South Africa, the farmers first burn the cane fields and then harvest within 24hrs for immediate delivery to the mills. The rum guy I visited, indicated that it takes 3,000kg cane to produce 750L juice. The cane he hammer mills and then uses an almighty piston press for the juice.
  3. richard1

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    So it begs the questions ..... 1 If you used the boiled down sugar cane juice into mollasses and proceded from there, would you still get the same "funk" rum flavour as you would from a sugar cane juice fermentation. 2. Which gives the better final product flavour .... juice or mollasses version as above I ask these questions because I have been recently looking at rum from sugar cane juice and have been pondering about logistics as I am a days drive away from sugar cane juice areas.
  4. richard1

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Can I ask a silly question here .... do you require an atex motor with the Mori filler ??
  5. richard1

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I think I am "period" out and @Silk City Distillers I am as potentially as with others, not in complete agreement with you. So be it. But seriously, @indyspirits, I think you are at a cross road and will have to seriously consider production ideology whether you wish to go the continous route or stick with traditional kettle route because they are obviously fundamentally different with both having degrees of pro's and con's not to mention high capital costs.
  6. richard1

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I am not 100% in agreement, and YES there is merit for being in attendance BUT for heat up after hours I see lots of Pros and almost zero Cons. Provided that you have all of your automated safety interlocks in place as well as low level monitoring and together with a maximum pre-heat up temperature this can not be an issue. I have heating interlocks which include low level monitoring, kettle temperature monitoring, monitoring of outlet coolant water temperature as well as excessive RC vapour temperature. A manual kettle basically has almost none of the above. I put it to all, ........... less chance will happen here with an automated kettle by comparison to that of a manual kettle. In fact there is more danger with a manual operation than that of an automated system. Sorry give me a correctly automated still any day over that of a manul one.
  7. richard1

    Distillery Controls

    The PT100 is generally of stainless steel construction and has a diameter of 6mm. This is perfect to insert by itself without pocket. The PT100 is held in position with a compression fitting for perfect sealing.
  8. richard1

    Dephleg, column temp probe

    I would not consider use of a thermowell. The PT100 which can fit into the thermowell is initself sealed ... well generally it is and so this is sufficient for your use. The thermowell is basically a protection pocket for the PT100. The comment as to why I would not use the thermowell is because you will have temperature inacuracies due to delayed heat transfer through the pocket.
  9. richard1

    New startup question about setting up

    I am of the opinion that with steam, you do not have as exacting temperature control together with response as compared to electrical elements. More importantly so, I am do not have steam and nor an I planning to install a steam generator. With the Bain Marie, you do not get the Maillard reaction. My wall thickness is substantially thicker than Chinese imports. The boiler is 3mm throughout. I only use stainless steel fittings so with respect to my SS pressure relief I have an option of either using adjustable down to 0 bar or the fixed unit which I am presently favouring because it functions both as safety over pressure at 1 bar (a little too high) as well as vacuum safety. I further am comfortable with the latter because I have additionally internal presure monitoring within the kettle via the PLC / pressure transmitter and this is furter interlocked with both heating and kettle functioning. Yes, but I have concerns. The control panel is intended to be at least +5m away from still. I am not using the baby SSR's as everyone uses where you can stick the cooling fins external to the panel but rather a large single 30A unit for the three phases and for sure this is going to get warm. This unit is equipped with monitoring and other features. So the jury is presently out on cooling and hence the proposed distance. The only control sitting on the still is the HMI. The entire still control and its heating manipulation will be from this HMI.
  10. richard1

    New startup question about setting up

    Interesting comment above. Some still suppliers have a fast ageing process where a finished distilled product and depending on the product, may be re-heated up and maintained in the still to about 60 Deg C (140 F) and simultaneously fast agitated (95% - 100%) of agitator speed through a VSD for up to 6 days. The intent of this 6 days fast agitation process is meant to leave the product in a more aerated and mellow condition and is further considered to be up to the equivalent of a two year ageing process when done in a barrel (obviously not wood flavours).
  11. richard1

    New startup question about setting up

    It's desperately easy to wire a basic system with interlocked level and heating. I guess it's all about available money and or not knowing better. In my new build for an automated 500L direct fired still, its all PLC controlled with interlocked level and pressure.
  12. richard1

    New startup question about setting up

    I do not know if this deserves the appropriate reply.
  13. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    A quick query on your cracked malt that you used......... Surely it was not milled fine enough i.e. basically flour. I say this because; The finer you mill it the more flavour is realised You have no lauter tun so are not worried about blockage of a false bottom You no doubt will be fermenting and distilling on the grain
  14. richard1

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    @DonMateo As a matter of interest, what dollar excise do you pay on a 750ml bottle of spirits in Argentina
  15. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Very nice video. Waiting on edge of stool for episodes 2 & 3.