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  1. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    A quick query on your cracked malt that you used......... Surely it was not milled fine enough i.e. basically flour. I say this because; The finer you mill it the more flavour is realised You have no lauter tun so are not worried about blockage of a false bottom You no doubt will be fermenting and distilling on the grain
  2. richard1

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    @DonMateo As a matter of interest, what dollar excise do you pay on a 750ml bottle of spirits in Argentina
  3. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Very nice video. Waiting on edge of stool for episodes 2 & 3.
  4. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    I was a bit slow with Panoramix trying to figure that one out. Still read these today. Brilliant stuff.
  5. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Thought you might like this .... someone's beer in SA.
  6. richard1

    Who has the answers?

    Makes me sh*t scared and thankful that I am not in that part of the world.
  7. richard1

    NY NGS and Vodka

    Not sure I am with the sarcasm, but it makes one think a bit. Okay so profitability is linked to machine occupancy. You can get your own unit cost down for yourselves whilst paying off the plant and trying to maximise selling price. if you have a large still, presently bigger than what you need for yourselves, then this to me makes sense. But what if you wish to make whiskey or whatever from a mix as above from say 8% wash to 60%, well then this then allows someone without still infrastructure to simply barrel it with you having done the basic work. This has to be interesting and for sure will have a more premium price than simply doing GNS.
  8. richard1

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Sample of butt weld welding waiting on final pickling cleaning.
  9. richard1

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Just a correction ... on thin walled SS to SS, a root and cap is not done if a competent welder is doing the welding.
  10. richard1

    Proofing....hydrometer vs Anton Paar

    Same scenario with the Edrometer. Bloody good price though.
  11. richard1

    Column Leveling

    Pricey but looks nice and will get the job done.
  12. richard1

    Column Leveling

    You will need some engineering requirements to do that.... driiling, 4.5mm flat plate and finally welding of a SS nut to such plate and leg. Possibly easiest is to just pack underneath the leg with square thin plates unitl level
  13. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Any news on your whisky movie , ....mashing and fermenting ....that you promised some time back ?? @Odin Posted February 5 Making a movie on how to mash, ferment, and distill single malt whisky. Should be ready early next week. We'll upload it when it is done and will let you know. All processes will take place in one machine. Regards, Odin.
  14. richard1

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    Was an interesting read. But this also brings in to question the negatives of using copper in the cooling section. Years gone back it was understandable as to why copper was used. So with SS shell & tube condensers .....Taking it a step further with the time of cooling being considered, this means that cooling water entry ought then always be in "counter flow" in both RC and PC. Everyone generally does "counter flow" in PC but do "with flow" in the RC because of rising air bubbles in the cooling water. It also potentially means wrt extending cooling time within PC of slowing down flow and extending PC length.
  15. richard1

    Still agitator

    A slightly different angle on this regarding agitator shaft sealing; ..... I see people using PTFE bushes, followed with carbon packing and then .......and then I see another just using a wiper / scraper seal (as for front of a pneumatic cylinder). Comments on just using a wiper / scraper seal because internal pressure within the still is so low and furthermore this is such an easy way to seal a shaft.