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  1. True BUT, when one is no longer a spring chicken this becomes somewhat more challenging. !!
  2. Looks great. I am surprised however that you have not used baffles in the stack so as to get better / more efficient cooling.
  3. +1, Yes Paul and others are right. Everyone needs to look out for each other.
  4. I am in agreement with all and 100% support removal of Corson. I had prior read in another topic and within this forum a massive unwarranted attack on another vendor and this left me with the view that it must be controlled. This is how I feel. Lets leave it at that.
  5. Personally I am not surprised they have closed doors and no I do not wish them well. But to the comment, this I feel was an assisination job by competitors. This is the gist of the comment.
  6. What is the ideal rotational speed for a mash vessel and or still. ..... RPM ?? or in peripheral tip speed ??
  7. Expensive build with all TC fittings. The majority of them can be removed.
  8. Two options whichever you feel more comfortable with ... 1. Swop two wires around of your three phase or, .. 2. Change direction of your VSD around in its setup.
  9. And ????? nothing but a Genio picture. Why is it so good, why is it better than others ?? What innovative technology can you offer ?? //
  10. Hi Odin I am talking about essential oil distillation .... steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials ... for example see below.
  11. A question Odin .... Are you able to do essential oil distillation with your standard stills or how much of a variation is required. Some thoughts on this. ???
  12. If you have your steam guy coming in, try this as a last result / action ........ and only for testing to give you direction. Using a SS flexible steam hose, connect steam supply to the connection where the pressure relief valve is on lower jacket. If you heat up then as silk City mentioned, your problem was because of entrapped air. Cheapest solution to everything and you can then still use upper jacket for cooling.
  13. Somewhat different but shown for info only, I built a semi automatic filler for our carbonated cider production. The bottle is gripped, inverted and rinsed. Here I used chlorine dioxide which is great as a sterilant leaves no taint. BF sale.mp4
  14. Just for info, Those supplied safety valves are combination over pressure relief as well as vacuum relief. w.r.t over pressure relief their standard is generally 1 bar (~15 PSI) BUT I have seen some with lower values. This is all to do with internal spring sizing. That said, these are not calibrated valves and are at best approximate. The big danger with these valves is that the vented product exits from the side ports and is a danger to anyone in close proximity. The vent needs to be directed down to a safe area.
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