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  1. I have recently gone through this exercise. I have 7 temperature probes in my boiler and column and had initially designed on standard PT100's with 4-20mA PUKS and this all feeding into my PLC. With peer review it was suggested to not bugger around and rather do it properly with Ex requirements. The cost of this is obviously huge especially if you consider additional level switches and pressure transmitters also both with Ex requirements. So for temperature, I have used Ex rated 4-20mA PUKS as well as Ex rated 4-20mA isolation barriers. In hind sight I wish I had gone the route as Silk has mentioned, RTD's with Ex isolation barriers. But what gets me is that not everyone does this. Some still suppliers offer this as an optional extra.
  2. It sounds like one of STILLDRAGON's gaskets. Contact them.
  3. richard1

    Odin on Gin

    @OdinFruit peel. Which is best fresh zest or dried peel / fruit. I would have said fresh zest because of comparative abundance of oils. Also I read a lot of people infusing fresh fruit (orange) for the citrus taste prior to bottling. Your take on this ??
  4. Don't like the look of the glass on the left. No character.
  5. Word of caution. Stay away from wound filters. Desperately cheap and hopelessly inefficient
  6. I agree. I think that this is misconstrued because tables are at 20 deg C
  7. Very interesting read. No I didn't realise the differance in US electrics from ours other than frequency and voltage.
  8. In the heat element connection above from southernhighlander, ...... Very nice picture. But the first connection, STAR-DELTA is missing its neutral connection.
  9. The 4 small grey parts to the right of the overload devices are fast blow fuses (glass). I suspect that ... they are wired to lights on panel door front (from a phase of each of the 24V coil contactors). On panel door there must be a switch to bring these contactors in.
  10. Wired line to neutral for 3 phase for each heating element, the current draw is 11.8A .
  11. Have you considered, 1. Modifying your agitator to come in at an offset and angled towards the centre bottom and 2. Using a VSD to increase your speed. Currently you are rotating at 24 RPM.
  12. Not knowing any better I would rather make this from glass as it would be substantially more hygienic and easier to both clean and sterilise.
  13. SS filters are very expensive, have low flow rate, high delta P, low dirt holding capability and finally just don't have the comparative filtration efficiency. All round a bad choice.
  14. Piston compressors are bad news with respect to oil carry over. Coalescing filters do a sort of ok job here but not perfect. I have lost a lot of pneumatic solenoid valves due to oil even though coalescing filters are installed. Now imagine if you are blowing the bottle out with air and you have an amount of oil to contend with.
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