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  1. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Hi Odin I am talking about essential oil distillation .... steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials ... for example see below.
  2. richard1

    What ever happened to iStill?

    A question Odin .... Are you able to do essential oil distillation with your standard stills or how much of a variation is required. Some thoughts on this. ???
  3. richard1

    Mash Tun not Heating

    If you have your steam guy coming in, try this as a last result / action ........ and only for testing to give you direction. Using a SS flexible steam hose, connect steam supply to the connection where the pressure relief valve is on lower jacket. If you heat up then as silk City mentioned, your problem was because of entrapped air. Cheapest solution to everything and you can then still use upper jacket for cooling.
  4. richard1

    How are you cleaning bottles

    Somewhat different but shown for info only, I built a semi automatic filler for our carbonated cider production. The bottle is gripped, inverted and rinsed. Here I used chlorine dioxide which is great as a sterilant leaves no taint. BF sale.mp4
  5. richard1

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Just for info, Those supplied safety valves are combination over pressure relief as well as vacuum relief. w.r.t over pressure relief their standard is generally 1 bar (~15 PSI) BUT I have seen some with lower values. This is all to do with internal spring sizing. That said, these are not calibrated valves and are at best approximate. The big danger with these valves is that the vented product exits from the side ports and is a danger to anyone in close proximity. The vent needs to be directed down to a safe area.
  6. richard1

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Your over pressure relief valve ... Safety pressure release valve for steam jacket at connection ... N5-1. For gods sake go and immediately change it for a proper steam pressure relief valve. Someone is going to get VERY HURT if that goes off and they are standing next to it.
  7. richard1

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Okay here's a shot left answer ..... have you possibly got a scale build up within the MT jacket that is cause a blockage. If so you may need to look at some cleaning agent working in reverse flow through the jacket to break this all down.
  8. Just had a heat wave this side .... Almost 40 deg C.
  9. richard1

    Engineers! Help! (Line Side Harmonic Distortion)

    Also ...... ensure that you have decent earthing especially if you are running any instrunmentation
  10. richard1

    Ex Requirements

    Thanks @Southernhighlander and @starcat and @silk-city-distillers. All instrumentation that I am doing is low voltage (24VDC)
  11. richard1

    Ex Requirements

    Brilliant that's really well done and thanks for responding. But you may or may not want to answer the following. Of your total electrical / instrumentation supply the only item that has an actual Ex rating ..... is your agitator. The rest have Nema ratings and or have good practice supply selection etc. or how ever you may wish to put it. I in my build am trying to do as much right as possible without going absolutely overboard in equipment selection. For example, level switch .... I am using the Endress & Hauser FTL31. Pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter ..... All are closed, have good sealing with M12 connections or proper sealing glands and further, none are EX rated. This is my dilemma. Am I asking for trouble.
  12. richard1

    Ex Requirements

    My primary panel is intended as a minimum +6m (~20 feet) away from the still and potentially more. In this case I will still need a small intermediate panel on the still for connection of all connecting instrumentation. In addition, I will have another small enclosure for the HMI. The distance is more important for the cable to the heating elements from the 3 phase, 4-20mA SSR within the primary panel. Here I am concerned about its heat within the panel as the SSR is quite a brute in size and am not able to install external heat sinks. So some cooling potentially needs to be considered.
  13. richard1

    Ex Requirements

    I agree. But the big issue is what are the various suppliers supplying and here there is silence. Maybe because it's a can of worms that they don't want opened. I am all for doing the right thing but if they are not doing it, well then what to use or what is acceptable. For example, a NEMA rated panel does not mean Ex rated. Ex involves extra sealing, closure mechanism etc. The same goes for other instrumentation on the still e.g. level switches, pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters. Agitators is / are the apparent exception where the standard has the required rating for the motor. The control panel I would prefer to mount on the still but my gut feel safety, is saying +6m away. Just my thoughts on the issue.
  14. richard1

    Ex Requirements

    I am off in a tail spin with regards to CORRECT requrements and what people are doing with respect to Ex requirements. The area around parrot and manhole is is Cl 1 / Div 1 and other areas immediate to still are Cl 1 Div 2. So here comes the question...... What are people doing about the following instrumentation requirements on the still or immediate to it, because to do EVERYTHING in Cl 1 / Div 1 or 2 is unbeleiveably expensive Enclosure (panel) Switches, plugs etc. Lights on panel Level switches Temperature transmitters Pressure transmitters I understand the comment ... well what's the value or cost of life BUT nothing that I see supplied by all suppliers is either Cl 1 Div 1 or 2
  15. richard1

    Gin flowers

    This poses a question. Delicate botanicals / flowers can not be macerated and distilled in the kettle. Juniper, coriander etc. can. Delicates are far better suited in the hot vapour path and here's the question; How far above the kettle fill level do they need to be. ...... Is it okay for them to be just above (base of column) or, is it essential for them to be as high as possible ??