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  1. Mash to whiskey in single run

    Interesting one because you need to barrel at 60%. You have not indicated your wash ABV. I think it is a big ask on a four plate column. Additionally there is going to be a high reflux required which potentaially will be stripping flavour.
  2. New equipment

    I would seriously suggest that you look at Istill.
  3. Plate and Frame Filtration

    My only comment is that you potentially will get a huge product loss at end of filtration due to prodcut remaining with the filter frame. I personally would have used a cartridge filter. Here you would also be able to achieve a more precise filtration.
  4. Ceiling height

    Bloody nice. I have sent you a PM with my email address. I would love to chat with you.
  5. Ceiling height

    Can you show diagrams / pictures ??
  6. Wiring Control Box

    I bought a 30A 3 phase 380VAC, phase angle power controller the other day for my continuous column still that I am busy building. Nice because it has both 4-2mA input control as well as a manual pot control. Of note is the size of heat sinks that they come with and also the air flow requirement for panel cooling and this then all relate back to large panel sizes /volume.
  7. Wiring Control Box

    I would call for yet another opinion...... Not a good looking box. Besides you only have a single SSR. Your elements have all been connected together for single phase operation. So unless your SSR is big enough for two elements, I would re-examine the build.