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  1. My system is based on the Click PLC and the C-More HMI. Reason ....... because surplus stock and lying around in my stores. I love the Direct logic PLC's so will always recommend it. HMI's, no would presently go for Weintek.
  2. We have just built a high end and extremely efficient unit which will go for performance testing later this month. The major characteristics of our unit are high flow, very high surface area for heat exchage as well as being designed for grain in mash chilling. Here's a pitcure straight out of production and prior to clean up and final fitting of attachments and controls.
  3. BUT..... you then do not have any safety interlocks and then this is super dangerous. I have programmed interlocks and in addition..... reduced power (my heating controller is 4-20mA), pressure monitoring, level monitoring, temperature monitoring with control and cooling water valve control.
  4. Only effective way to do this is by installing a PLC and with complete automation. Expensive because apart from all automation, process valves etc. , you now have to consider all Ex requirements as well. Here's a cropped part of my HMI heat up screen image
  5. Interesting the blades and their angled direction where the product is lifted upwards. The majority of blades from what I see appear to force the product downwards
  6. Silk you mention various micron sizes. What efficiency are these.... Nominal ?? <99%
  7. Word of caution, that air is not 100% oil free. Rather add in coalescing filters to accompay the installation. This way you have a lot more security built in.
  8. True BUT, when one is no longer a spring chicken this becomes somewhat more challenging. !!
  9. Looks great. I am surprised however that you have not used baffles in the stack so as to get better / more efficient cooling.
  10. +1, Yes Paul and others are right. Everyone needs to look out for each other.
  11. I am in agreement with all and 100% support removal of Corson. I had prior read in another topic and within this forum a massive unwarranted attack on another vendor and this left me with the view that it must be controlled. This is how I feel. Lets leave it at that.
  12. Personally I am not surprised they have closed doors and no I do not wish them well. But to the comment, this I feel was an assisination job by competitors. This is the gist of the comment.
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