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  1. Hello, I am the current Barrel Warehouse manager at Do Good Distillery. I am currently looking for new opportunities either brewing, distilling, or both. Might be willing to relocate depending on the right opportunity. Please reach out to me if you would like more info. Contact info is provided on resume David Miller Resume 2018.pdf
  2. Schenk filter press, 17 each 14 in. wide x 14 in. tall screens with 1/8 perforations, 36 each 14 in. wide x 14 in. tall filter chambers, 1 in. Tri-Clover fittings, all stainless steel construction. $10k OBO email me at dmiller50@mail.csuchico.edu
  3. Dmiller224

    Roskamp SP650-14

    Now $6500 OBO
  4. Dmiller224

    Roskamp SP650-14

    Selling my Roskamp model number ROS432800, replacement model number is SP650-14, it's capable of 3500-4000 # per hour. It is a 2 roll miller, capable of being adjusted for different sized grains. It's in good shape works great just don't need it anymore. Was quoted from Roskamp for a new mill for 21k. Email is dmiller50@mail.csuchico.edu Selling for 10k OBO
  5. Dmiller224

    Contract Malt Whiskey Production

    Hi Andy. We might be interested, just need more clarification. Please email me at : bill@dogooddistillery.com or call me at Bill Coffey Production Manager Do Good Distillery (209) 743 6123 Often it is too loud to hear in the facility, so a quick text alerting me to your call, or an email works well. Thank you, Bill