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  1. GeorgeK

    Electrical standards for control panels 409 or 508A

    Hello Paul. I will be needing to get in touch with your team in the next week or two to start discussing ordering equipment; please let me know if it's best to do that by email or phone? In the meantime, can you confirm whether your current or potentially new panels will have either CSA certification or more likely, formal cUL certification for us Canucks? Our electrical inspector says "not good enough" that US-made panels meet UL specs and are UL certified if they're not plastered with cUL or CSA stickers. Our Chinese contacts say "we can put whatever stickers you want on our electronics" but we're of course not interested in that. Thanks, and will be in touch. George
  2. GeorgeK

    Bank Loans

    Hello Glenlyon. Seems I'm about a year behind you in the Vancouver area. Any chance of our touching base locally? Thanks, George