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  1. We are upsizing and have two 350 gallon Transtore tanks for sale. One side is a full jacket for temperature control. We purchased these new and have been using them for fermentation. Price $3,000 Each, FOB our dock. Pinckney Bend Distillery New Haven Missouri 573-237-5559 tanks@pinckneybend.com
  2. Pinckney Bend

    Plate and Frame Filter for sale

    It the filter sold? tom at pinckneybend.com
  3. Pinckney Bend

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    We will discount larger purchases. The tote cost is $15.20 per wine gallon.
  4. Pinckney Bend


    Look no more - Jennifer Pond with Signature Spirits can help you. jennifer@ultrapure-usa.com
  5. Pinckney Bend

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    Bluestar is correct - the small barrel aging process does not work for "Straight" products. 2 years is just too long in a small barrel. This is what you drink (or sell) while your 53 gallon barrels are aging.
  6. Pinckney Bend

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    This spirit is designed to age for one year in a 15 gallon barrel, or 2-3 years in a 53. I know all the "research" on small barrels and why they don't work. It's all about having all the flavors peak at the right time. Since this is pot distilled we have the ability to customize the product to have just the right amount of each flavor compound available to oxidize into those flavors you want. The system works - I have the Double Gold medal from San Fransisco to prove it - no pixie dust required.
  7. Pinckney Bend

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    We have not certified our non GMO corn. (although we can see the field from the distillery). If you would like more information on the history of our corn supply email me and I will send it to you. tom@pinckneybend.com
  8. Pinckney Bend

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    This is award winning, high-character corn whiskey produced in Missouri. It is ready to barrel age as bourbon, or to use as a blending component for adding character and flavor to lesser whiskeys. Pot-distilled in small batches from locally grown non-GMO white corn. Grain bill of 93% corn and 7% rye, fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel. Distilled in two passes to 150 proof. Available in 54-gallon drums or 270 gallon totes. The price is $16.50 per wine gallon. ($1.76 per 750mL bottle at 80 proof) FOB our dock. Samples available. We can help you "Quick age" this spirit to get your sales started YEARS ahead of the standard aging process. Ask me how. If you have a special corn variety or a custom grain bill, we also do custom distilling. Contact tom at pinckneybend dot com with questions.
  9. Pinckney Bend


    Hello David, Where in MO are you planning to locate your operation? We have set up shop in New Haven, on the Missouri River between Washington and Hermann, in the heart of Missouri Wine Country. We're in our second round of revisions and should have our DSP very soon (knock wood). We'll be in Portland for ADI and perhaps we can connect there. There are only a few of us in Missouri so far, but it's a cordial group and everyone knows each other. Welcome aboard! Cheers, Ralph Pinckney Bend Distilling New Haven, MO