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  1. Mark Warner

    Looking for large Distillery for sale!

    Probably not a scammer. It is appropriate to do 30 seconds of diligence before you derail a thread in the B2B world in my opinion. I wouldnt expect to be impressed by the knowledge of a banker who is hunting for opps at a client's request, they are just try to do business, probably looking for help, not insults. https://www.coldwellbanker.com/Coldwell-Banker-Distinctive-Properties-11781c/James-Kuehn-453643a
  2. Mark Warner

    WYB 2 2000L VC single wall ss Tank

    We have a few tanks available, I will send you a PM.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm happy to have a profile here and created this a while ago but just have not posted. I come from the digital side of business and dabble in all kinds of fun stuff. I also have a marketing client right now that deals in used equip so I check out the "wanted" forums here on their behalf frequently. Cheers.
  4. Mark Warner

    Wanted: used bottle filler and labeller

    Will send you a PM I have a client with some equip that may interest you