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  1. Loss in low-wines run

    I'm surprised you haven't pitched (spammed) your company to him in this thread. Maybe he could use a new still?! I kid. Why don't you just stick to reselling equipment and let the distillers handle these responses so that the original poster arent wasting theie time?
  2. Loss in low-wines run

    15 gallons of raw ethanol leaking would be quite a serious and obvious leak. Your building would probably be on fire if that much was leaking out during one run.
  3. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    You would probably need to drill about 10,000 holes for it to drain.
  4. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    You're customer already solved his problem and has distilled a successful batch since last night? You're dang good! (Note to self: never reach out to Southernhighlander for any sort of distillery consulting)
  5. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

  6. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Why? According to you there is no contamination going on.
  7. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Ok, if you want to believe that much bacteria magically got in there then you go ahead and just believe that. Basic science says otherwise. I've had one of my assistants forget to pitch yeast for two days and there wasn't a hint of detectable growth. Your customer has a massive infection after only a couple days. Ther are more problems than just the initial mash. But what do I know? I only make asnd sell a few hundred full size barrels a year. You're the expert because your great great great granpappy made a little shine.
  8. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    No. Not until he gets the basics down. Right now the customer is way over his head and needs to hire a consultant or go to a school. If he starts doing stuff like adding backset he's going to screw this up even more.
  9. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Silk City is 100% right. I can not believe that is the amount of bacteria that grew in 5 days! Either their cleaning is way substandard, their enviornment is filthy or the corn is covered in mold, or everything combined. That looks like a sour beer after a month of festering in a barrel, not a 5 day ferment. I've said I have had some infections before, but it's never been so bad that I've been able to see the cultures. That is naaaasty! 19 brix to 4 brix is a complete fermentation. Southern, do you understand how a brix refractometer works? The alcohol distorts the readin and you need to use a calculator to convert it from brix to SG. That FG is under 1.0 Also, heating the vapor temp to 200 is way too high. He's surely smearing. And I know all this is wrong despite my great grandfather building cars and not distilling.
  10. Pumps

    Good point. I didn't see the aluminuim til now. You want stainless.
  11. Pumps

    Should work fine. Make sure you have a vacuum breaker on the tanks cus the AODD will be strong enough to collapse one.
  12. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Yeah, you chime in every single thread with your business pitch. I ain't gunna sit here and argue with you. I've taken note that your attitude towards others in this industry has grown increasingly negative.
  13. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    You seem to have quite an attitude to your customers. You always say your grandfather did this and that. This is not your grandfathers moonshine industry. How much do you actually distill in a year? I bet I make more in a month than your grandfather made in his lifetime. You made a snyde remark to my question about their cleanin regimin, but you'll ask them about mold in the corrn? Corn is cheap. Why would any professional use moldy ingredients? If you are going to come lookin for advise don't dismiss the experts giving it to you. I would never think to ask you about welding metals together just to tell you off because my grandpa did things a different way 50 years ago.
  14. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Sounds like infection to me. I have had a few runs where the mash smelled bad and it resulted in 3 times the fores than usual and the distillate just had an off smell. I want to know more bout what their process is especially the cleaning. Customer says they clean everything very well means absolute jack squat because to some people cleanin means nothing more than hosing it off. Why do they want to open top ferment? Do they love fruit flies?
  15. White Whiskey

    Because in order for it to be straight whiskey, it must be aged no less than two years. Why is this still an argument? ONLY corn whiskey is unaged. Age means it must be in an oak container (not a container containing oak). Anyone doing otherwise is operating illegally and I welcome a TTB auditor to give them a "friendly" visit.
  16. White Whiskey

    NO! READ THE DANG REGS!!!! https://www.ttb.gov/spirits/bam/chapter8.pdf Whisky - "A specific statement of age is REQUIRED if the whiskey is aged less than 4 years" Note the BOLD AND CAPITALIZED word. The TTB has it that way in the chapter. Why? Because whiskey MUST BE AGED.
  17. Activated carbon filtering Vodka for Gin production

    Greatly increases your odds of starting a rather nasty fire in your distillery. Good luck extinguishing 100s of gallons of boiling hot, burning ethanol.

    How much do they cost?
  19. White Whiskey

    i am not attempting to be rude but you need to "get" these regulations, comply, and, understand them completely if you want to stay in business.
  20. Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    I would imagine growth of unaged whiskey is going down dramatically each year.
  21. Craft is Not a Commodity

    Here is the problem. I am a small distillery in an already crowded, and becoming much more crowded by the day industry. I am crowded because the megabillion dollar distilleries are releasing more and more products and brands. I am crowded because the regional megamillion dollar distilleries are releasing more and more products and brands. I am crowded because the local million dollar distilleries are releasing more products and brands. I am crowded because the local equally scaled, ethic and values distilleries are releasing more products and brands. I am crowded because those who don't want the headache of a distillery are releasing more private labeled products and brands. I am crowded because the liquor store owners have no more space for us to grow. As the dollar becomes harder to earn and my costs go up I have no choice but to source from cheaper manufacturers. Shure, 5 years ago I was proud to pay my farmer $0.05 more per pound of corn, but now I simply can't afford it. Heck,. most of my competition uses neutral, so what am I supposed to do? If you think I can make a better product, in less time, with less overhead and have time to actually go sell it, I invite you to come out and try it yourself. Here's the catch, if you can't do it you owe me all your money, your cars, your house and your credit (because that's what the bank will do to me). It's easy for you to armchair quarterback our industry.
  22. Just curious if I understand this correctly. Previously I had submitted COLA for all bottle sizes that we make (50, 375, 750 and liter). Does all the information changed between the two meet "allowable changes"? Or do I need a separate cola for each? Just trying to streamline things. Thanks!
  23. Craft is Not a Commodity

    To sum this thread up: If you are a brewer, winery or distillery you need to do the following to be craft. Grow your own trees Cut them down yourself Make your own barrels Buy raw land Zone raw land into farm Turn raw land into farm Plow, plant, and harvest seeds by hand Mill them grains by hand with a mortar and pestle Mash them in a butter churn Ferment them using your own harvested and selected yeast. Build your equipment yourself using steel and copper from your own environmentally friendly mines and steel factorys. Distill them using only power from solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal systems which you built yourself from parts sourced only from other craft renewable energy manufacturers. Use proofing water which you made yourself from only naturally occurring hydrogen and oxygen. Again, sourced from equipment you made yourself. Blow your own glass using silica which you also mined and refined yourself Each label must be hand painted on the bottle by nobody else other than the distiller themself Each cork must be made from your own cork farm, and it must be completely renewable The tamper seal must be made from biodegradable materials which, you guessed it, is also made completely on site. You must self distribute using a bicycle with no more than 10 speeds/gears (>10 speeds makes you a corporate pig) and sell only to mom-and-pop stores. You must be on site for each bottle that is sold by the select liquor stores so that you can explain to each customer how you are completely transparent. When that customer has died of boredom from your story (because they just wanted to buy a bottle of vodka) you must be a paul bearer in their funeral to show that you are comitted to a lifelong relationship with every customer. If you stray from any of the above bullets then YOU ARE NOT CRAFT and are basically lying to your customers and a complete scam artist who is only out there to deceive customers and make a buck.
  24. Craft is Not a Commodity

    Someone is angry. Maybe you will cheer up when you start using bulk spirits like your competition is already doing? We make our own whiskey, but the vodka, gin, spiced rum, and liqueurs are all 100% GNS or sourced spirit. If you don't think 9/10 distilleries are doing this, you are absolutely wrong. Shure their website says they are completely craft and grain to glass but if you believe that, you also believe Titos is made by hand in a tiny pot still. Since we made the switch we have higher margins, hired more employees, offer them better benefits and also increased our sales. So why hate on others who actually decided to start making money?
  25. Invaluable equipment vs

    Waste of money = Almost anything new. Everyone is so quick to build out their entire distillery with all that loan or investor money they now have. We have probably saved nearly $100,000 by sourcing quality used equipment. That is $100,000 more in my pocket, $100,000 less debt to pay off, $100,000 less risk, and $100,000 worth of ownership I did not have to give away.