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  1. MGL

    Speedy Barcodes

    I have used GS1 from the start.
  2. MGL

    Speedy Barcodes

    This is a cheap option that could directly impact sales and it's only a few hundred dollars. Just having to throw away a few rolls of labels could cost more than the difference of using GS1.
  3. MGL

    Speedy Barcodes

    Where are you getting $89 each from? I think the initial registration was a few hundred dollars, and the renewal each year is $100. We have 1,000 bar codes available at any time which is quite handy since we need 50ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1 liter bar codes. Also each case and pallet of those gets a bar code for each and every spirit. So what are you going to do when Whole Foods wants to take your products in but you took the cheap route with bar codes? Now you need to spend more money on a GS1 bar code, and you need to have all new cases and labels made with the GS1 codes? If your business plan doesn't allow you to spend a couple hundred dollars on something as important as bar codes you might want to save yourself the hassle and just close up shop now.
  4. MGL

    Speedy Barcodes

    Why don't you register with GS1? That way you will skip the risk, headaches and future problems of buying random bar codes online.
  5. Am I doing the math wrong? Can someone confirm my calculations because this seems awful expensiv! 53 initial gallons (Lord only knows much has leaked and/or evaporated) 120 initial proof --------------- 63 proof gallons per barrel 354 750ml bottles at sellers recommended 90 proof = $9.87 per 750ml (plus shipping) 398 bottles at 80 proof = $8.79 per 750ml (plus shipping) Even that new make at 13 months old is $7.54 per bottle. Shipping, tax, bottling costs and a $35.00 shelf price is losing money before labor is even calculated. I must be doing the math wrong!
  6. I am not trying to be rude, but any business plan which has a 26 gallon still is doomed to fail. I understand this is for a class, that said, if you are going to make a business plan at least make a legitimate business plan. A 26 gallon still will almost cost more in hourly wages to operate than it will produce. If your business plan does not have about $200,000 in initial expenses, it's not a plan, it's a dream.
  7. It's very simple. You need to use the same spirit that is approved on the label. If you add a little whiskey to rum, it's not rum anymore. If you add rum to whiskey, it's not whiskey anymore. If you add high proof vodka to straight whiskey, it's not straight whiskey anymore.
  8. Why wouldn't you want all the foreign matter (bugs, mouse poop, dirt, and other fun surprises) removed from your grain? Pros - You make a better product. Cons - It means your product costs go up maybe $0.02 per bottle. If your margins are that tight it's time to rethink your business plan.
  9. That vendor is going to get someone killed.
  10. MGL

    Cleaning Run

    No No No! Never open the manway of a running or very hot still! There's the chance the boiler is under a little pressure or superheated and cracking the lid could be a one way trip to your nearest burn center (if you live).
  11. In the market we reside in if a company makes a clear whiskey they are doomed to fail. Nobody buys it. Distributors don't take them seriously. Liquor stores simply will not carry it. I read this once, and it's true: "There's a reason all whiskey in liquor stores is brown."
  12. Why hasn't anyone asked the obvious? Have you used any other bottles? Are you a brand new distillery? IE have you been filling bottles for years and suddenly this happened? New bottle supplier? Does this exact same liquid bloom your regular 750ml bottles? Have you checked the TDS and pH of your water/spirit? What are you using for proofing water?
  13. MGL

    DYE China?

    Are we talking about DYE or some printing company?
  14. Job Title : Assistant Requirement : Bachelors Degree Pay : Undisclosed, but most assistant positions in brewing are near minimum wage. I hope they are paying well.
  15. Does the timeline include attaining the required funding? If so it could be anywhere from a year if you've got a lot of money and connections to infinity because you never get the funding you need.
  16. A distributor distributes what sells. You make, market and sell spirits. If you don't think you should be the one marketing and selling, your distributor won't be distributing very much.
  17. You won't find many banks giving the loans and terms which the distilling industry requires. Private funding is your best option. Give away some shares and get revenue that way. If you don't have any interested parties it shows a major flaw in your plan because there's always some rich person who wants to put his money somewhere. Funding is the easy and short term problem. Profiting is the hard and long term problem.
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