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  1. Looking to start a Craft Distillery and Speakeasy in the midwest with focus on quality and open to not making money for many years.  Have investors lined up.  Small batch and curating an experience/demand will be our business model.  Please send your info to charlie@88mgmt.com for more info.

  2. Hey Curtis,

    We are a farm distillery in Illinois (just outside of St. Louis, MO) that is currently expanding. We share a common previous employer. I worked at AB for 4 years prior to opening our distillery. Were you ever located in St. Louis?

    My wife and I own and operate the distillery. We are currently in the process of upgrading our distillation system and expanding markets and are considering bringing on our first employee.

    We are pretty much as close to single sourced as you can get. We grow all of our own grain (corn, wheat, barley, and rye), and are even in the process of setting up a specialty malting operation. Our water source is a limestone aquifer that we have a 300 foot well sunk into. We currently produce a wheated bourbon, wheat whiskey, vodka, and a few different flavored whiskies. As soon as we finish installing the new system we are going to start running rye, american single malt, and all kinds of other fun spirits.

    Please let me know if you have any interest in learning more about a potential opportunity.


    Adam Stumpf

    Owner & Distiller

    Stumpy's Spirits

    Columbia, Illinois

  3. If I had the skin, I would have been open 6 years ago.
  4. I have 10 years apprentice experience under a Diageo Master Distiller. I have worked for Glenfiddich, Douglas Lang, and Anheuser Busch. I have a strong understanding of the spirits business & industrial distilling segment. I have done marketing, and ran on and off premise locations. I'm a certified Award T (Consejo Regulador Del Tequila), Master of Whiskey (World Master Class Of Whiskey), Gin Historian (Gold Key Society), and Certified Beer Cicerone (Cicerone). My first Whiskey scored an 86 in the fall 2014 Whiskey Advocate. I have samples that I can provide on request. I'm looking for a good home that is willing to let me be creative. If you are interested email me CurtiswayneMcMillan@gmail.com
  5. Curtis McMillan

    Gold Cachaca

    Why don't we see more Gold Cachaca? Does TTB stop them because of the use of none oak woods? Is there a law or anything about not using none oak barrels?
  6. Do any of you know the fee to exhibit and the size of the space for both events?
  7. http://www.rsvlts.com/2012/10/04/differences-between-plastic-and-premium-vodka/
  8. If I talked with you today just hit me up in this forum so I can add you to the write up.
  9. How did I know Bob would have a Boat saying.
  10. Hey Jedd sorry didn't get a chance to call you back .. on the topic .. its safe to say the things you don't know will hurt you. Money is king in Booze start ups - Its hard for me to state my sales in one state over another we have to many factors. The best thing to do is get an idea of where you can sell and how much they are willing to take. Step 1 - Find as many retalors & bars and become friends ask them if they would buy a case of (vodka,whiskey,gin) and what they are willing to pay Step 2 - Make a spread sheet of this list and do an avg (always round down) Step 3 - once you have this number build around that. You will know how much you need to make in the first year. Plan on 30% growth each year. So set your equipment up to be 90 times bigger at point of purchase. That way you pay it off and are ready for growth in 3 years not buying a whole new set. Last step DON"T BUY A KIT >>> DON"T BUY A HYBRID STILL >>> DON"T DO IT!!!
  11. God that pure pot still thing is so confusing
  12. very old school style still .... why not build your own?
  13. OMG I called this months ago. http://www.connelllawoffices.com/brewer-distiller-collaboration-results-in-burnt-beer-and-whiskey/
  14. I got to stop doing this at 2am ....
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