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  1. Nathan

    Corktec Says Hello!

    Hey Marc, appreciate the advice! We're currently transitioning the domain over to a new host and updating the info but I've updated my profile with my contact info! I'll also include it here. Please keep in mind most of the websites information is outdated as far as the "Our Team" section as well as not including all the bar top's that we offer. I'll make correcting that a priority! Our website can be found at http://corktec.com/index.html Email: nathan@corktec.com Phone: 509-378-8938 Nathan Lee Director of Operations New Corktec, LLC
  2. Greetings to the ADI Community! I'm part of a team that recently acquired Corktec, a natural wine cork manufacturer based out of Connecticut. Previously, Corktec's customers were almost exclusively relegated to the wine industry and I'd like to change that. We currently offer about 6 different styles of bar tops and I'd like to expand that to better suit the craft distillery industry. If there's anything I can ever do to help any of the members here out, I'd love the opportunity. In the meantime, I'd be doing myself a disservice by calling myself an expert so I hope to pick up quite a bit of knowledge here on the forums! Thank you ADI for allowing me to join Nathan Lee Director of Operations New Corktec, LLC