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  1. Thanks Skaalvenn. I started looking more into the quote for the mixer that Fusion gave me. It says "55 gallon mixer to deliver 8.1 tank turnovers per minute with a bulk fluid velocity of 17.26 FT/Min. The smaller tank mixer is sized for 15.8 tank turnovers per minute with a bulk fluid velocity of 26.42 Ft/Min. " Question: Ive looked up Bulk fluid velocity and didn't get far. This mixer is obviously more powerful than the one mile hi sells as its 4 time the price. Is this mixer over kill? I know everyone uses different quantities of grain but does any one have viscosity numbers or fluid velocity numbers for average corn mash, or thick corn mash? Any further help would be appreciated. Chris
  2. IM also interested in where to get a good agitator. Just got a quote from Fusion Fluid Mixers and a mixer for a 55 gal mash tank, variable speed, was over 5000 bucks. And Id like to have 4 of them. Way over budget. Mile Hi sells a fusion agitator but they've been out of stock for over a year, thought it'd be cheaper to go to the source but not the case... A link to a 110v variable speed agitator with 2" triclamp fittings that'll turn corn mash at the thickest, wort at the thinnest and all for a low low cost would be my opinion of a dream reply. Maybe Im dreaming to hard... Chris
  3. Can someone who has one line out the requirements for a flammable cabinet? I heard 18 ga steel? What else? Chris
  4. I built this table to show my fire marshall the break down for class 1b 1c and class 2 liquids. think this is right as per the definitions of each class of liquid. Ive read all of the above but am still a little cloudy on the point a distillery goes from F1 to H-whatever occupancy. Im am desperately trying to be F1 to avoid expensive buildout additions. Im in New Mexico working with a small town who is working under the 2003 IFC book. We have a 1200 sq F building with 300 sq f of separated retail space. Wood frame construction, sharing walls on both sides with other businesses. I understand we can store 120 gallons of class 1b liquid but judging by the table I posted thats ethanol over around 80%. Do you guys read this as correct? Tell me I can be F1 and give me some ammo to show the inspector please! post.docx
  5. Im looking to buy one of the eDrometers but can anyone recommend a go to TTB approved hydrometer? Any reason to have both an eDrometer and a TTB approved hydrometer? Im a new and trying to gather equipment before opening... Thanks Chris
  6. My name is Chris and Ive teamed up with my dad to open a small distillery in Las Cruces NM. We are currently licensed with the Feds and state and are in the process of building and outfitting our space. We are interested in Whiskey, vodka and gin primarily but look forward to experimenting with local harvest brandys as well. Im super green when it comes to small business operation and the many nuances of distilling so Im looking forward to asking lots of questions to the pros here. Thanks in advance for the help in getting us on the good foot! Chris dryriverdistillers.com
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