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    Good day, I am planning around the following setup, which should be the standard Vendome 20 barrel a day setup. 27 foot copper column with 14 Sieve Trays / Beer Heater / Low Wine Condenser 3-Tray Copper Rectification Section Copper Doubler Copper High Wines Condenser & Spirit Safe Automation controls to include steam, water controls & monitor temp. & pressure. Package includes ABB Digital Recorder unit for exporting data. Would love to talk to and visit anyone with an existing setup like this. -Casey
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    Good day, I am actively pursuing the opening of a distillery in the upper Midwest. I have been working with Rob Sherman over at Vendome about quoting out a continuous run system. I would love to talk to anyone who has a Vendome continuous run system to see how they like it and if they had it to do over again what would they change. Please PM me if you would be willing to have a talk with me. Thank you, -Casey · Day to day operation in line with what you expected · Cleaning the equipment, efficient clean in place · Service and support after the sale · Setup challenges · Happy with the distillate did you have to make any changes to your recipe · Estimated operation costs per day · Have you experienced unplanned downtime due to equipment failure · What does standard maintenance cost in time and dollars · Does the automation provide adequate control with the ability to expand monitoring and controls