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  1. Old385

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    So I am in the same exact situation you just described. This is frightening. Planning to write and send tomorrow and sitting here reading this thread. Thanks and gratitude to all that have shared. This certainly complicated my plan but will be better to know now.
  2. Old385

    New DSP in Ohio

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing fellow newbie. We are a few months behind you. Best of luck
  3. Old385

    Read this if you are new to commercial distilling

    Wonderful advantage having access to all of your collective experience. Grateful you are all willing to share. Make it a point to come back monthly and re-read this thread. Thanks everyone.
  4. Building a new distillery in Georgia and spending every waking hour scouring this great site. Looking forward to interacting with everyone and appreciate the kind and supportive disposition of all I've come in contact with so far.