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  1. Fair enough sir. I was told since the tax had been paid that it complicated the situation. Love your common sense reference - driving 1 mile over the speed limit won't cause you to lose your license and ability to drive or pay a huge fine. I was reaching out to the expert community to be safe not sorry. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  2. Hi folks, Honestly not sure if this is a federal, state or both issue. We have product that was sold to our distributor a while back prior to a rebranding/repackaging initiative. The distributor wishes to swap product for product exact amounts of the two year old previous packaged product for the current product. Does anyone know what is involved in making that happen? We also have a small amount of product that demonstrated cloudiness when the winter hit. We would like to be able to return/refilter that product. Appreciate any guidance.
  3. Thanks Indy. Comfy with the gelatinization role so that makes sense. Understood that was targeted solely at the corn. The consultant suggested that all grains could be added on the way up which didn't make sense to me. I am four grain so adding the wheat and rye/barley malts on the way up seemed useless since as you point out they would denature anyway. Only the HTA as I understand can survive the 190f journey. He also suggested a top end rest for 90 mins. Currently I drop to 150 and add malts/wheat, rest then drop pH to 4.7 and fold in my Beta/Gluco for the last rest. Then crash to 80 and pitch and go to ferment. Recently, gravities started to climb which got me back on the research trail. Normal for me was 72 for my bourbon and 82 for my rye. Bourbon is up to 82 and finishing high at 8-12. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  4. Just had an interesting assessment done that raised embrows. Appreciate a perspective from the group. Touches a couple points woven into this thread. In my MB I use both barley and rye malts. Also use liquid Alpha, beta and gluco and realizing good yields. Mash in at 155 and rest at 145. Alpha on the way up and beta/gluco on the way down. Consultant indicated I need a cook temp of 185 and top end rest of 90 mins to “kill bacteria” and “gelatanize” completely even though I’m milled corn. What am I missing folks?
  5. So I am in the same exact situation you just described. This is frightening. Planning to write and send tomorrow and sitting here reading this thread. Thanks and gratitude to all that have shared. This certainly complicated my plan but will be better to know now.
  6. Congratulations and thanks for sharing fellow newbie. We are a few months behind you. Best of luck
  7. Wonderful advantage having access to all of your collective experience. Grateful you are all willing to share. Make it a point to come back monthly and re-read this thread. Thanks everyone.
  8. Building a new distillery in Georgia and spending every waking hour scouring this great site. Looking forward to interacting with everyone and appreciate the kind and supportive disposition of all I've come in contact with so far.
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