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  1. Do they accept PDF format or ? I was reading the regs and cannot find exactly what format they are looking for. I am still getting my pay.gov set up so I cannot see past the front gate so far.. Edit: I found it.. Thanks
  2. PhilipDT

    Greetings from Ne Texas

    Thanki, Kindly, MoonSHineMine I hope to get some good feedback here on my quest to "be something when I grow up" That and I am hoping to get the communities feedback on V5 as It rolls. It will be quite the change from 4.x - But enough of that for now. Too early in the day for "vendor" mode Back to coffee, and beta..
  3. Hi, Believe it or not, I just found ADI, and I am glad I did. I read posts, mostly, but I am known to reply if asked a question, or a comment. What brought me here? - A link, that referred to project I have a bit to do with, showed up in a Google RSS feed I subscribe to, as well as a link at StillD about the Electric Parrot. T'was about time I came o'er and check it out. I've been AFP for some years, but now, planning a micro-D since my formal IT career will be outsourced to a hindi center in a year or so. I look forward to the content here. Cheers