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  1. I want a bottle that has led and lights up or has led label that lights. I will purchase several thousand if we can come up with fair price point and bottle I like.
  2. I am planning on opening a vodka line soon. And have a pretty large budget for it I am looking for a master distiller to relocate to Texas. I will provide you place to stay and make sure you don't starve other than that pay will be next to nothing . In return for the hard work you will get equity in the company which could be a very large amount like I said we have a decent budget and a very good marketing plan. So things can move very fast. Dm for info
  3. vodkaman

    New equipment

    I have a budget 70-150k I want a copper still is a must. Fermenters stainless steel. And want to be able to produce large amounts if needed with this budget please recomend all products you suggest and company's that you would stay away from.
  4. vodkaman

    Vodka startup

    I am getting close to pull trigger to open a vodka brand. Right now it's just an idea that I am going to pursue very quickly. Instead of starting on small side plan is to start bigger right away so if demand requires I'm not short on product as have a pretty good marketing plan. I have a budget of $150,000 for equipment (would like to keep around 100k) or less If possible. I want a copper still for sure other than than that other options for equipment are open and would love recommendations. We are going have a decent budget for this and also are looking for master distillers who are willing to relocate and work hard for will make sure you have a place to stay and food to eat in exchange for that. You would get equity in the business only looking for indivuals who are ready to work ass off for next to nothing pay with potential being very large as you would own a small part of company. Please recomend equipment you you would purchase. Any tips you have and anyon interested up in relocating and working dm me.
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