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  1. What does the price tag look like on one of these?
  2. Interested in more details on this piece of equipment and how to get one.
  3. Roger - This is what I am looking for! Where did you find this? I am distilling on the grain in our operation. I would be looking to get one to Florida. Tom
  4. Paul - I currently need to do 300 gallons of mash a day. Tom
  5. I was given a price of $17k
  6. Paul - How $$pendy is this machine of yours? Tom
  7. Silk - I have seen a post on the Stilldragon unit and the price seems to be very similar to Vincent. I'm just want to make sure that these will actually work for this application. I am considering renting one to try it out. Doing this 200 gallons at a time with mesh bags SUCKS!
  8. Is anyone running a Vincent dewatering press for dewatering spent grain? I need to figure something out for my spent grain (corn, wheat barley and rye) and this seems like the most attainable option. Thanks!
  9. We have a closed loop w/ a 211 gallon still, 2-211 gallon fermenters (sized for 6), a 10 chiller and a 850 gallon holding tank. It has worked excellent since installed.
  10. We have a version of this one and love it! http://www.thevintnervault.com/product/4210/Bottle-Filler-Pro%2C-4-Spout-.html Super easy to use and a great value for the $$.
  11. If you can't find it the Saxco - Colonial and the Fusion Glassworks - Glug are VERY similar.
  12. sandytoes

    Aging Rum

    @Black Creek How long did you end up aging with the spirals?
  13. We use Hoochware and have been very happy with it.
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