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  1. Dave - So do we need to denature or not under this emergency ruling?
  2. Would something like this work? https://greenpaperproducts.com/biodegradable-1ounce-portion-cups-pc1nl.aspx?var=500ik=3895&gclid=CjwKCAiAy9jyBRA6EiwAeclQhNML_KH3AxKz-EodNKIkTLUnrS09Cc50XbcJZRO5418Xo2KZ2O7pfhoC6kYQAvD_BwE This is PLA (corn starch) and can be composted.
  3. We went to glass several months ago and added an under-counter low temp dishwasher. It will wash 50+ 3/4 oz shot glasses in 90 seconds. Now were not throwing away thousands of plastic shot glasses.
  4. We use continental purple snake from JME and DairyFlow from TCW https://www.jmesales.com/continental-contitech-purple-snake-beverage-hose/
  5. Thank you for the explanation. Can you expand a little on this regarding the hopped issue?
  6. We have done a number of small experiments on distilling beers from the local breweries and they have turned out well. We now have a brewery that would like to distill a large amount of beer (50 barrels+). I know some of you have done this before and I am wondering how you handled the transfer for tax purposes? Is this a transfer in bond or does the brewery prepay the tax? This is beer that would be otherwise dumped because it is out of code.
  7. Paul - I did go with the assumption that OP was single phase and yes the math is slightly more complex if it is three phase.
  8. For sizing a breaker the math is 11,000/240 = 45.8333 then you need a safety factor of 25% minimum 45.8333*1.25=57.2917 then round up to the next size breaker 60. https://www.hunker.com/12291117/how-to-size-a-circuit-breaker
  9. Florida is an open records state. So data protection of any sort is rather thin. But hey, we have great weather (most of the time).
  10. Glenlyon - Are you doing a combination of cocktail and bottle sales or just bottle sales? If both, what is the breakdown on that?
  11. What does the price tag look like on one of these?
  12. Interested in more details on this piece of equipment and how to get one.
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