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  1. sandytoes

    Transfer in Bond Application Turnaround

    Only done a couple but it has been one or two days for us to get approval each time.
  2. sandytoes

    Welding question

    We ended up finding a really good shop here locally that fixed everything the way it should have been . He has done other work since and it has all looked great.
  3. sandytoes

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    Congratulations Pete!
  4. sandytoes

    Welding question

    When I originally posted this I realized that there was a high probability of getting flamed. I felt that was worth the trade for helpful information. Full story - I took the pieces to a local fabrication shop that was "highly recommend". I was not happy when I picked them up and couldn't see how that was considered a finished product. Rather than come on here and dump on them (not really my way) I wanted to get input from folks that know better than me. I did and it was helpful. Yesterday I found a welder that specializes in sanitary welding of stainless and he is currently fixing the "work" of the previous shop. I will post photos when fixed. Lesson learned. Thanks for the help as always!
  5. sandytoes

    Welding question

    Thanks for the confirmation! We went to a shop with a "good reputation"... We have found someone that can fix it.
  6. sandytoes

    Welding question

    Hi All - I have a novice question... When we received our still (800 Liter) didn't have temperature ports in the heads of the dephlegmator or product condenser so we added ports for the temperature probes (1/2" NPT). Is it necessary to grind and polish the welds or is a good cleaning and passivation adequate? I wanted to ask before we put this back together. I have attached pictures. Thanks!
  7. sandytoes

    Distillery Hoses

    I ended up getting the Continental Brewline for 10.30 a foot.
  8. sandytoes

    VFD recommendations needed

    Thanks all! I appreciate our help.
  9. sandytoes

    VFD recommendations needed

    We are in the process of wiring up our production area and we are trying to decide on VFD's for the agitators on our fermenters. The motors are 1HP 3-phase and we would appreciate recommendations on reasonably priced quality VFD's. Thanks!
  10. sandytoes

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Have you sold the Mori?
  11. sandytoes

    Distillery Controls

    What valves are you all using in conjunction with the PID's?
  12. sandytoes

    Lighting in Production Area

    We used the 60W LED Shop Light/Garage Light - 4' Long - 7,500 Lumens - 5000K - TPLF-NW4-60 from https://www.superbrightleds.com/ They are really nice.
  13. sandytoes


    We use Schlage Primus. Probably overkill but great choice for a key control system.
  14. sandytoes

    ABV of finished sugar wash

    (Ending SG - Starting SG) * 131.25 Example (1.010-1.083) * 131.25 = 9.58%
  15. sandytoes

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Good afternoon - Adding to this thread, we received our approval from the TTB last week, January 18, 2018. The initial application was submitted on November 29th, 2017. So, 51 days with some holidays in there. There were a couple minor questions that were quickly answered. We did use a professional consultant, John Springer, and the process was seamless and he did a great job. Tom