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  1. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Good afternoon - Adding to this thread, we received our approval from the TTB last week, January 18, 2018. The initial application was submitted on November 29th, 2017. So, 51 days with some holidays in there. There were a couple minor questions that were quickly answered. We did use a professional consultant, John Springer, and the process was seamless and he did a great job. Tom
  2. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Does anyone have a diagram that would show how this setup works? I'm having a tough time visualizing this. Thanks!
  3. Ceiling height

    Ours is 12.5’ to bottom of truss and 14’ to the roof deck between trusses. Something that would fit in this space would be interesting. Also, interested in the same information as bluefish.
  4. 75 gallon ASD complete system

    Hi - A couple quick questions. 1. Is the system still available? 2. what is the total height of the vodka column? 3. If over r 13.5 feet, can it be split? 4. Is this system steam or electric? 1-phase or 3-phase. Thanks, Tom