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  1. We have a closed loop w/ a 211 gallon still, 2-211 gallon fermenters (sized for 6), a 10 chiller and a 850 gallon holding tank. It has worked excellent since installed.
  2. We have a version of this one and love it! http://www.thevintnervault.com/product/4210/Bottle-Filler-Pro%2C-4-Spout-.html Super easy to use and a great value for the $$.
  3. If you can't find it the Saxco - Colonial and the Fusion Glassworks - Glug are VERY similar.
  4. sandytoes

    Aging Rum

    @Black Creek How long did you end up aging with the spirals?
  5. We use Hoochware and have been very happy with it.
  6. Still trying to sort this one out... Thoughts?
  7. This stuff works great. Wipe on wipe off. http://www.sgtcreed.com/
  8. The entire distillery is conditioned space and the spirits rested for several days before bottling. Bottles are stored in the same environment.
  9. We use a Yamada NDP-15BST and it works great. They can be had cheap on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMADA-NDP-15BST-DUAL-DIAPHRAGM-ALUMINUM-PUMP-SUPPLY-1-4-NPT/273026716080?epid=1910924745&hash=item3f91a911b0:g:MdMAAOSwItJaXPIs:rk:1:pf:0 That ad says it's aluminum but it's actually stainless (the BST denotes stainless) we run it off of a 25 gallon compressor.
  10. I had one of my customers contact me today concerning condensation in our bottles. He pointed out that they have fifty different bottles on the bar and ours is the only one with condensation. I have noticed that it is happening on a number of our bottles in the tasting room as well as with product in the boxes. Is it the consensus that additional rinsing would resolve this issue.
  11. Just PM'd my answers to your survey.
  12. We have a Rennai reu-np3237w-us. Works great and was free after rebate from our local gas company.
  13. We use the Ohaus defender 3000 and it has been great. https://us.ohaus.com/en-US/Products/Balances-Scales/Bench-Scales/Defender-3000-Stainless-Steel/D32XW300VX-AM Just Noticed that you need 1000 pound capacity... This will only do 600.
  14. We used the Rockrez epoxy with the paint chip broadcast. It is slip resistant with most everything except glycol...
  15. The floor is the tasting room is super dirty since we were still under construction. Didn't have a current one on my phone.
  16. We went the epoxy route and are very happy that we did. We have it in both the tasting room and the production areas. They are super durable and very easy to clean up. It is critical that he surface is properly prepared (diamond grind the concrete) but relatively easy to do.
  17. I've been happy with the WEG wash duty VFD I purchased from Paul at Distillery Equipment and it was competitively priced.
  18. Only done a couple but it has been one or two days for us to get approval each time.
  19. We ended up finding a really good shop here locally that fixed everything the way it should have been . He has done other work since and it has all looked great.
  20. When I originally posted this I realized that there was a high probability of getting flamed. I felt that was worth the trade for helpful information. Full story - I took the pieces to a local fabrication shop that was "highly recommend". I was not happy when I picked them up and couldn't see how that was considered a finished product. Rather than come on here and dump on them (not really my way) I wanted to get input from folks that know better than me. I did and it was helpful. Yesterday I found a welder that specializes in sanitary welding of stainless and he is currently fixing the "work" of the previous shop. I will post photos when fixed. Lesson learned. Thanks for the help as always!
  21. Thanks for the confirmation! We went to a shop with a "good reputation"... We have found someone that can fix it.
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