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About Me


What We Are

MicroShiner is a content marketplace that promotes craft spirits, small scale manufacturers, bespoke services, and independent retailers.

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of craft alternatives by the mainstream and make craft accessible to the masses.

We do this by producing media that portrays the craft lifestyle as enviable, by directly promoting craft businesses in our media, and by facilitating interaction between consumers and producers through our digital platform.


Our Products and Services

We know that you want to reach more customers, sell more product, and grow your business.

The question is, how do you reach these customers? How do you educate buyers and purveyors in your current and future markets about your products and encourage them to stock and recommend them? Who is your advocate in the marketplace?

MicroShiner is. We are your bridge to the consumer, and we are dedicated to engaging and growing the craft market. And we’re the only consumer-facing media outlet that is focused strictly on promoting you, the craft producer.

How do we do this? By creating captivating media that speaks to the story behind the label - the who, the how, the why - media that connects. This is what today’s consumer wants - to discover brands and associate with companies that align with their personal tastes and values.

To this end, we develop media around your unique story and then distribute it across a wide range of platforms. Launching a new spirit? We have a video for that. Entering a new market? Our magazine is the perfect leave-with. Media designed to reach your audience and communicate your message. All built around sponsored content that not only excites and engages consumers about your label but also promotes interest and awareness about craft in general. Because when craft grows, you grow.  

Want to know more about our platforms, products, and services? We’d love to tell you about them. Drop us a line at growth@microshiner.com