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  1. Hoochware has different levels from basic to pro depending on your needs. The prices are $89-$199 per month, for a cloud base system with no set up fee and your locked in that the price. Their web site does a good job of explaining. Distillitrack does not have a professional product on the market yet, however they are beta testing one. Their pricing is the old school system, you buy the software and it's your, no monthly fee and no cloud. I do not know the price, but I believe it was under $200.
  2. Hoochware and Distillitrak are what I am looking at at the moment. Would the basic on Hoochware work? As far a team member goes, my wife and I are basically the team. We have several wonderful part timers that help us out from time to time, however we will be doing all the paper work as they have full time jobs.
  3. We are a small brewery that has recently started to distill. We currently sell only in the tasting room and do not distribute. We are looking for a cost effective record keeping solution. ANY help would be appreciated, we are drowning in the lack of knowledge about distilling paperwork.
  4. We have our final inspection this week and hopefully will have all ducks in a row and can be distilling within the month. We hope to be an active member of this forum.
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