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  1. Type of building a dsp can be in?

    Right, I was aware it could not be on a tract with a residence. We are acquiring 3ac in an industrial park with only 1 other business in it, 30 ac away. It also has no zoning requirements other than it must be a business, so we were looking at cheaper building alternatives initially such as portable buildings and a shipping container for storage, until we grow into a larger facility. The land has been given to us, and we have sold enough stock to go this route for now. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Type of building a dsp can be in?

    Thanks dhdunbar, we don't plan on being large enough to require bonding. I've even heard of small dsp's being in barns, or other portable buildings initially as long as they are secure.
  3. Type of building a dsp can be in?

    Thanks nick3757. We were thinking of using a steel shipping container as storage, as it is very secure. Of course we would call it a prefab steel building...
  4. Type of building a dsp can be in?

    Good evening everyone! I'm a newbie to ADI, and am in the beginning stages of starting a small dsp in TN. We have incorporated and began selling stock to raise capital. We have successfully negotiated with a small town to deed us a small piece of real estate to locate the dsp on. My question is related to whether or not there are any ttb regs on the actual type of building we can put the dsp in? We are considering several different options including pole barns, prefab cabins, site built, and even modular buildings such as a surplus classroom building set on piers and bricked underneath. We do not have any zoning restrictions in our county. Any insight would be appreciated!
  5. 120 gallon Pot Still with Thumper

    Hi, is this system still available?