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    Northern Alberta - Portal to Peace River Country
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    Life, Spirits, Critters, Flora and Fauna, Travelling, Calligraphy, Goldsmithing, Hand Crafted Guitars, Jade Carving, Woodworking, Letter Carving, Sculpting, CNC, Lasers, Turbines, Branding, Marketing, Geopolitics, Gold, Metal Detecting, Flying, Stargazing, Fishing, as well as Challenges and Adventures. That sort of sums things up.

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  1. Does anybody here know what distillery management software works well for us Canadians? Any recommendations? Dan
  2. Dan Armeneau

    Hello from Newfoundland

    Stay where you're at - I'll come where you're to. Noob myself. Dan
  3. Dan Armeneau


    Newest of the Noobs - for likely a fleeting moment! Recently hired on at a Signs and Spirits Shop (hands on experience with both really helped) - small town - no rush hour traffic - get to take the dogs to work (who get to play with the "Shop Goat")! Great people to work for! Dream job really! Couldn't have engineered it better without devine intervention (Grandpa Dewey - I know you're meddling in the here and now!) Big Thanks! Very excited to be in on setting up an Artisan/Craft Distillery - Farm Based - Family Oriented - Creative Folks. In house Design and Marketing. Perfect fit for me! Hope to be able to make a contribution to the forum in a meaningful way. Dan