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  1. CDI - Starting now

    Hi, can you consult on the starting up an industrial distillery near Vancouver area?
  2. 750 ml bottles (680 gram weight per bottle empty) with black screw top caps for sale 8 pallets left located in Upstate NY. Will sell all 8 pallets 105, 12 bottle cases per pallet at $4500
  3. New Application TTB consultation

    Hi All, seeking a consultant with long history, good track record and in depth understanding of TTB laws and regulations. Who could advise in extraordinary and difficult situations. Please advise
  4. 8 pallets
  5. Screw top bottles and cap available 750 ml clear flint glass 680 grams 11 pallets 105 cases on each pallet 12 bottle per case in un marked carton boxes $650 per pallet give away located in Finger Lakes region of NY text 3153148077
  6. 750 ml bottles and caps clearance

    caps could be easy hand applied
  7. 750 ml bottles and caps clearance

    yes, absolutely
  8. 750 ml bottles and caps clearance

    The price is lowered to $650 per pallet
  9. Good day all, We have 10 pallets of clear flint glass bottles 750 ml (680 grams) screw top and matching black caps each pallet has 105 cases (1260 bottles) packed in unmarked carton cases. They are located in Finger Lakes region of NY. We are asking for $750 per pallet which makes bottles and cap @ $0.60 the price is negotiable.