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  1. Aux Arc

    utility costs as percentage of costs of goods sold

    Cooled down to ambient air temp.
  2. Aux Arc

    utility costs as percentage of costs of goods sold

    Had to look that one up. Missouri is a riparian state so can do anything that does not materially adversely impact downstream owners. Most of the heat transfer to cooling water would be re-used in the production process for preheating mash tun and perhaps pre-heating still . Cooled down water would then be used in irrigation of crop field nearby. Capacity of spring is such that discharging directly would have negligible (and probably non-measurable) effect on downstream temp, but I don't want to waste the thermal energy by dumping direct. Any input on % of COGS?
  3. Aux Arc

    Hello from Texas

    2100 p.g. x 1.2 (100 proof to 80 Proof) x 3.785 (litres per gallon) / .75 (assuming all bottles at 750 ml.) / 12 (months) = 1059.8 bottles /month (Not exact calc but I think its close) If you are bottling at 100 proof then 2100 x 3.785/ .75/12 = 883.166 bpm
  4. Aux Arc

    Discussion on Sale of Distillery

    get an intern that you can give room and board to. You will be back on your feet (hip) in time to give him or her a good education and you time to decide if you want to stay in the game. If It wasn't so far away from me, I would be that intern.
  5. Am looking at a site that would provide a potential net-negative utility cost (spring water and excess hydro-power) but It is way off the beaten path so an off-site tasting/retail location would be required. Is anyone willing to share their utilities cost as a percentage of costs of goods sold so I could compare with a location with adjacent tasting room where I will have all utility costs? I realize everyone's set-up and operation is unique but would love to see some examples.
  6. Aux Arc

    Sales/Revenue Projections

    I am in the planning stages, trying to firm up a site in the next week. So definitely have zero expertise but would share the following observations based upon the tours I have taken: If the tour is free and no free tasting, the majority of the tour takers are going to buy drinks. They are in a distillery because they like and drink alcohol. If the tour, paid or unpaid, includes a free tasting, your bottle sales will probably be higher if your product is quality. Your drink sales will probably be lower. Your Walk-ins (non-tour takers) are likely to be mostly repeat customers who are there specifically to buy your bottles. (assuming you are not in a heavy foot-traffic tourist location) Hopefully some of the veterans on here will give you some experienced knowledge. Best of luck in this venture.
  7. Aux Arc

    I will build my distillery from ground-up. But I need HELP!

    Not an engineer, but your cooling surface area seems huge. Remember that you are taking your 40 abv from room temp to boiling but only cooling it a few degrees to get from vapor to liquid.
  8. Aux Arc

    Distillery For Sale

    What state are you located in?
  9. Aux Arc

    Gin defined

    Juniper was fresh and fragrant. 66 percent juniper 33percent other botanicals. Infused juniper overnight as well as in basket during run. Tasted juniper in heads and early hearts then other botanicals started coming through. Tastes good. Reminds me of Magellan, but is it gin?
  10. Aux Arc

    Gin defined

    Spirits with a main characteristic flavor derived from juniper berries produced by distillation or mixing of spirits with juniper berries and other aromatics or extracts derived from these materials and bottled at not less than 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) The above is from TTB definition. My question is how do you define "main characteristic flavor"? I followed a recipe from the Forum but what I taste most is faint black licorice that I am guessing is coming from a tiny bit of fennel seed I added. Really like the flavor, but is this "gin"?
  11. Aux Arc

    How to add sugar to VODKA

    I realize that I am almost two years behind the times but if you need to be a snob for your own gratification, WTH are you on here?
  12. Aux Arc

    Vendome Mash Cooker - 150 Gallon

    Thanks. Nice to hear you need more capacity
  13. Aux Arc

    Vendome Mash Cooker - 150 Gallon

    are you upsizing on your still as well?
  14. Aux Arc

    Turn Key Texas Craft Distillery

    look at the dates. these are old posts
  15. Too new to know the answers to these... Can it be run on propane and what size still were you running off this?