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  1. I was considering starting a new thread regarding this topic and then found that Aaron had commented on it last year. he stressed the importance of documenting how you were utilizing the reduction in excise tax. I am suggesting that we publish those uses here so that our 13,000 Plus members can use those results to start conversations with their representatives and senators in our attempts to get legislation approved to extend the excise tax reduction Beyond 2019. I do not have numbers to share as I don't anticipate starting production until 2020 however whatever the result it will impact my business plan. I am reaching out to ask distillers in business prior to 2018 to share how they utilized their excise tax reduction in 2018 and 2019. Did you add jobs? Did you purchase additional equipment? Did you expand operations? Did you add additional product lines? Did you spend additional monies on marketing? Did you reduce your price point in order to gain additional market share? Did you increase salaries of employees? Did you pocket the money and therefore pay additional income taxes? There is a need to show Congress that by reducing federal revenue in the form of reduction of excise tax that there was a legitimate expansion of the overall economy by virtue of the reduction. I seriously doubt that the federal government is going to devote the resources to obtain this data in order to justify an extension of the reduction and therefore it is going to rest upon our shoulders to get this data to the lawmakers. The time is now to begin our lobbying efforts.
  2. If you are interested in tube in shell, check for used dairy equipment. I see them on auction sites often.
  3. So are the feds having you keep records on your customers who buy those stills for other purposes?
  4. When you try the link it asks for a password Sorry. Should have read the whole post
  5. Aux Arc

    rum waste

    " what was that sound?" she asked. I replied " that was the sound of a forum discussion flying over my head."
  6. Aux Arc


    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed somewhere on the Forum. Is anyone using pressure vessels or vacuum vessels for conditioning your brown spirits? I am aware of ClevelandSpirits general process but I am curious if anyone on here is doing it, with or without utilizing oak in the process. In searching auctions for tanks, I am seeing lots of pharmaceutical pressure vessel and vacuum vessel tanks available at what seemed to be extremely reasonable prices and am wondering if it would be worth the cost to start experimenting?
  7. Thanks Foreshot. I appreciate the education.
  8. I can put my head around using them for a stripping still but are people actually using them for a finishing still and if so, what or how do the cuts occur?
  9. I have been encouraging people for well over a month to do this someone needs to do it so Denise you be the first
  10. I'd say it safe as a planter or a conversation piece
  11. Click on his content in red it will show you everything he has
  12. Jake Hatfield sorry I helped with that hijack. I truly hope you find justice with those sob's. The lawyer s letter was so full of BS. Yes, raw material cost did go up. 42.00 per ton for stainless plus maybe another 70 per ton if it comes from China. Should have increased your order by a few hundred. Please go to the FBI and be persistent. They should go after the lawyer for perpetuating the fraud. Maybe they were being honest when they first took your order but it's obvious that they're not still being honest.
  13. Aux Arc

    Neck tags

    Have you done it? Dave Flintstone
  14. Silk. Where did you get the graphic? I tried to blow it up to read it but it is unreadable when I do.
  15. He means use backset from your last still run in place of 10 % of your total water. It will help with number 2
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