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  1. HI Wendy, Thanks, but Pavisa is a North American glass manufacturer in Mexico City, so we are not looking to outsource any production. We have hand blowing facilities, semi-automatic facilities, and fully automatic facilities all on-site and recently completed a state of the art decorating facility a half an hour away. I would be happy to tell you more about what can be done right here in North America and delivered to North American clients by truck instead of boat if you are interested in expanding your portfolio of vendor capabilities for your clients. Regarding other components, if it is not glass we don't make it, but we work with the best companies in the world and recommend regularly to our glass clients various direct manufacturers to complete their packaging. We even have a design/sourcing side for those who require some supply chain/vendor management services. I can connect you with that group too if you are interested. Thanks for reaching out. Brooke T. Baxter Pavisa Glass
  2. HI All, Over the years most of my work has been behind the scenes except for glass and decorating presentations and speaking events. Our sales people are the ones usually on the road. I am wanting to get out a bit more in 2019 and am working it into quality of life trips starting now. First stop is the Mobile, Alabama region where my youngest daughter will be representing UCONN at the National Soccer club championships this week. While there I hope to see as many distilleries that I can within an hour, or two driving distance in any direction. Next trip will be to Florida from Dec 22 to Jan 4. Lots of people I haven't seen and all over the state, so let me know if glass packaging and decoration issues deserve a visit. Although I am with Pavisa Glass, from the beginning we joined ADI to help grow the industry, not just sell our processes. There was just too much bad information out there keeping people in the dark of all the options right here in North America. When we got started with Craft demand was overwhelming. I am afraid to say we disappointed a few. We have added much more capacity. 2019 should be a great year. I am happy to recommend the right company based upon your unique needs whether it is Pavisa, or anyone else. Reach out and I will stop in. Brooke
  3. I know I am catching this really late, but regarding custom bottles you don't need to go off-shore. Large quantities, of course can be done anywhere, but small quantities for custom is also available in North America. Pavisa Glass has semi-automatic tooling with run quantities of 5,000 and lower if needed. The tooling is also small, so it costs only about $10K. Not China pricing, but still really good! Pavisa is in Mexico, so everything is shipped on truck and only takes a week, or so after it completes to reach your door. Freight costs are though high, so the best efficiency is a full trailer if you can do it. Depending upon design, that would be between 15,000 and 20,000 bottles. This has made us insanely popular, so we have added more capacity to our semi lines Last Sept when your inquiry was written, lead times were 5 months. The new capacity has that down to 3 months. All development, order placement, tracking, and service is done from the US office. No worries about time zones, language, or such.
  4. HI Big Red, Pavisa is a glass supplier, not a broker, so I would be happy to assist. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Brooke 860-350-5485
  5. Yes, we make custom molds for $10K with MOQ's of 5,000. No strings attached. Mexico is covered by NAFTA, so there are no duties to worry about, just freight. We currently have multiple projects in Hawaii. I bet I even have some freight estimates I can find. At 5,000 run quantities we are in the mid $2 range depending upon design. Do you label during fill, or should we also look at artwork and quote decoration? Once we have the design and can create a packaging specification, then pallet configuration, we can figure out how to optimize the container. A 750ml in a 12 pack reshipper would be about 15,000 in a full 40 foot shipping container, so 5,000 means we might want to look at a 20 foot container rate, plus upping the order size a bit to max out the 20 foot. Very close to our factory is also the Stopper supplier, TAPI. Maybe we can consolidate with them to save costs too. I am sure they can bring their corks to us before we seal the container. I am a firm believer in sealed containers door to door. When is a good time to speak? Brooke 860-350-5485
  6. When you are ready again, Pavisa entered a technology and marketing agreement this year with Allied Glass in the UK. Since the market they serve has 700ml as standard they have an extensive stock line offering at www.allied-glass.com. Shipping in full containers would be great, but if you know what you want and how many and we can plan for it, we will just make sure we have what you need in a container with a mix of other items we plan to bring and store in the US to help balance out the Pavisa Glass stock line. We plan to store the glass at up to 3 locations using our recent partnership with the premium decorator Quest Industries to help us service the craft market through their decorating plants in Kentucky and California, but a Pavisa facility in New England. Call when ready. Brooke Pavisa Glass www.pavisaglass.com
  7. Sorry I missed this one. You don't need to go overseas for custom glass and you don't need to buy large quantities. We work with you on your custom design and run minimums as low as 2,500 bottles. Plus our factory is in Mexico City, so we deliver by truck and can hit anywhere in the US in about a week. Tooling for small production (semi-automatic) is less than $10K. Small run pricing is not going to be at automatic stock bottle levels, but you get to be in your custom design and build your brand. Would love to hear what you decided. Brooke Pavisa Glass
  8. Under a dollar can be hard to hit. At Pavisa Glass we have some popular stock lines that sell right at that dollar mark, but that is before shipping. Since our factory is in Mexico, we just this year, 2017 are teaming up with Quest Industries, an excellent bottle decorator with warehousing in Kentucky and California to try to reduce shipping costs by sending truckloads of a mix of popular stock items to them for craft distillers to release as needed. For Pavisa, it means we improve lead times to clients and although we decorate too, by sending blank glass to Quest, they have the glass you need on their floor to meet all your decorating needs without worrying about full truckloads to add that level of sophistication and personalization. If you just want the glass released from there, that is okay too. Glass costing in the $1.50 - $1.70 range is more common and has more variety in shape and weight. There are lots of good choices from various glass manufacturers and distributors in this price range. Glass over $2.00 is also very common as more and more people are looking for differentiation and owning their own design. Sometimes it is the decoration that brings it up to the $2-$3 range, but even our largest accounts will spend this much on glass only when they want the glass to be part of the product identity. Consider this part of my answer bias, but we work hard to make sure there are stock items available to the industry to provide low cost quality options, but our hands-down favorite thing to do is design something custom for your brand. A semi-automatic tool is about $10K and a 5,000 piece run brings you in at that $2.25 to $2.50 level. When the time is right for you to move to automatic tooling and meet higher minimum runs, pricing drops back to the $1.00 level you want long term.
  9. Since this is custom from China, consider coming up with a design just for your product line. We have semi-automatic equipment, so we can build a private mold from less than $10K and produce in quantities starting at just 2,500 bottles. Plus our factory is in Mexico, so we ship by truck in a week anywhere in the US. I don't think enough people are aware that they can design their own brand image so easily. Everyone pushes stock bottles, or big automatic custom molds with high minimums.
  10. Although I have been a member since 2011, I haven't been looking at the forums the way I should be. If you are experiencing bloom the glass likely was not treated. Most of the larger glass houses treat as SOP. It is part of their operations and has little impact on the overall cost when so integrated. Ware not from the main suppliers treat when requested, but may not have treatments against blooming as standard. Washing doesn't always solve the problem. Running it through the annealing process again often works, which is good to know if you are going to silk screen your deco and know it will be going through a Lehr again before filling. Since this is an aging condition, if the bottles are good when you get them in, fill them as soon as you can. Once filled you won't have an issue. Storing empty for any length of time in hot, humid conditions is your greatest concern. If you receive bottles with blooming, reject them for replacement. No one should be selling you bloomed glass.
  11. All the options above are good, but also check when they allow it, directly with the glass company. Often they are best represented by their distributor partners and other 3rd parties, but if your interest is in something they regularly have on the floor, you might find options for glass, decoration, and even custom packaging available. I know we always like to hear directly from distillers. Often we will send you right to our distributors if where you are, or if other items you need can be done better by them, but it is important for us to hear from you directly too. Brooke Pavisa Glass www.pavisaglass.com 860-350-5485
  12. I know this is an old inquiry, but you can also buy some stock 50ml by the pallet directly from some glass manufacturers including ourselves at Pavisa Glass. www.pavisaglass.com. We usually have a couple of shapes in inventory and we are always wanting feedback on what to add. Brooke
  13. Blackheart, Depending upon the definition of recycled glass you use, every glass manufacturer can make a claim and not every manufacturer, or industry necessarily follows the exact same definition, so below is one definition of recycled glass: 1. virgin materials = no recycled content 2. Internal waste = introduction into the batch of cullet from in-house loses from start-ups, rejections, etc. (max control of recycled materials) 3. Industrial waste = introduction into the batch of cullet from other industrial glass sources (good control of recycled materials) 4. Post consumer waste = glass from recycling centers that has been in the consumer hands as a previous product and has become available through curbside collection, returns to collection centers, etc. Most glass manufacturers can claim they use all 4 in their batches depending upon the end use. Some make a 100% recycled content claim if they make a batch using 2-4. I don't know anyone that does liquor bottles using category 4 alone. If you want to make a marketing claim, you should ask for your vendor to certify post consumer content. Pavisa Glass in Mexico has a few clients that require post consumer content. They campaign these glass runs on their larger tanks, and can do a custom batch on smaller tanks. Coincidentally their post consumer glass campaigns are in bubbled glass forumlations, one light blue and one a light brown (what they classify as rustic). The bubble size, color, and hue would be set by the existing lines that are driving those campaigns, so to become part of the campaign, which is the least costly way to be able to make a claim, you would have to stay within the campaign specifications. Custom batches, as noted, are possible, but you will face minimum run requirements. I don't know the policies, or campaigns run at other glass houses. Hope this helps.
  14. Did you find a solutioin? Depending upon the quantity you want, Derek's suggestion of spraying flint glass purple can be the only practical route. DecoTech, Derek's company is one of the best. Running purple glass usually requires a big minimum. One thing to know however is that black glass is really just dark purple. Take a black glass (not sprayed, but actual black glass bottle) and hold it to the light and you will see. Becuase there are black glass campaigns at different specialty glass houses, you may be able to schedule a "reasonable" quantity of purple for your needs at either the start, or then end of the black campaign. If you need more info, let me know. Brooke Baxter btbaxter@PavisaGlass.com
  15. Welcome to the forum. I am new too. There is great info here. Brooke btbaxter@pavisaglass.com
  16. Chicago sounds like a fun town. Next time I am out can I drink with you too? Brooke Baxter Pavisa USA btbaxter@PavisaGlass.com
  17. I know this is a late hello back, but I am new to this too. Congratulations on your new launch. I am a bottle guy, making small run, high end bottles. I am not used to forums, so I plan to wander around in here a bit and get to know some people. Best of luck and keep growing. Brooke Baxter Pavisa USA btbaxter@PavisaGlass.com
  18. There are some beautiful bottles sold by the pallet by Saver and other manufacturers both directly and through some distributors. The economics can be best that way. If small custom runs are what you need, that is also possible. As always, it is just a matter of cost. www.pavisaglass.com is a manufacturer that will run 1 bottle to 1,000 bottles in its designer glass company, www.NouvelStudio.com in anything from crystal to ultra clear fragrance glass, and Pavia likes to start their minimums around 2,500 on semi-automatic equipment You can even design your own tool exclusively for your brand for approximately $6K-$9K. I hope this gives you more options. Good luck. Brooke Baxter
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