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  1. I currently use Hoochware. I looked at Distill x5, but chose Hoochware based on price more than anything else. As a start up, I was focused on being sure I did not spend when I could save. I was told by others to print out my reports before submitting and read them over. Regardless of the system you choose, you need to learn the reports manually just so you understand the business better. My only issue with Hoochware is it is a smaller operation. When I have an issue, they always get on it, but sometimes it takes a couple hours. If it is late in the day, it has always been the next morning that I receive an email.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!
  3. Does anyone use a Primera Labeler and have thoughts on quality? Looks like a decent piece of equipment for the money, but I was curious for feedback if there are any in use on the forum. Thanks! Here is their video
  4. It is state by state. In MO it is legal and licensed to due so. What state are you located? Sorry, read Georgia right after I submitted. What is Georgia law?
  5. Illegal for us as well. State would view that as enticement for us.
  6. Falling Rock is correct. We showed the canceled checks from each partner going into the corporate account. That was enough to satisfy the requirement for us.
  7. Thanks guys! I have one being sent. I appreciate the help!
  8. I am looking for a 1 liter lab distillation set up to distill obscured alcohol. Anyone have a set up to sell?
  9. Please do not take my comment in the wrong fashion, but I think the issue in your question comes from your understanding of what is added to your rum and what is not added to your rum. You are assuming the color and tasting notes derived from wood is something added to your rum. It is not. You are not introducing another product/ingredient in the distillate. Attempting to simplify the answer, think of "blending" an additional product into the rum after you take it our of the barrel. OR, think of adding something to color your rum without using a barrel. Imagine taking white rum and adding artificial oak flavoring and food coloring to mimic an aged rum-now you need a formula.
  10. Did you send him to one of your current distillery customers in TX to get him sanitizer ASAP?
  11. No worries. The guidelines do not count for barrel color or flavor that comes from the wood.
  12. You will not need a formula. The 2 1/2% is flavor added. If you are aging rum and not adding flavoring to it, no formula is needed.
  13. Haha, for that price it would need to come with someone to apply it for each use!
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