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  1. I have a very good friend that is on their management team if you need information. I will be bringing in their equipment in the near term.
  2. Grant, Is the 1/2" copper submerged in the chafing dish or is it all stainless in the dish? If it is copper, why didn't you continue with copper vertically instead of stainless? Love the idea!
  3. I would love to hear also. I met Brian Rosen in Louisville a couple months ago and am curious also.
  4. Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched their whiskey. It is aged 5 seconds.
  5. I have a couple items from a special project that I want gone. 83 cases (6 pack) Edinburgh bottles 750ml. These are awesome bottles, they just don't fit our future programs. Looking for $1.25 per bottle plus shipping. Flavors I know this one is a long shot, but I have some flavorings from Mother Murphy's that will go bad before I can use them. Mother Murphy's will certify another 6 months on their use date. All are unopened and ready to ship. Make me an offer. 3 gallons Natural Cinnamon (use by 1/13/19) $198 cost will sell for $100 per gallon 3 gallons Natural Orange Zest (use by 1/13/19) $80 cost will sell for $40 per gallon 2 gallons Natural Butterscotch (use by 1/13/19) $127 cost will sell for $55 2 gallons Natural Banana Foster (use by 1/13/19) $97 cost will sell for $50 per gallon
  6. I am interested in the 110s. Can you send me a pic? Also, do you know rough dimensionsand weight so I can figure shipping? If it is easiest just text a pic to 636-698-8648



  7. We just went through this. As a matter of fact the label was finally approve Friday. If flavoring is added Rum With Natural Flavors will need to be on the label. TTB made us remove "spiced" since there were other flavors in the spirit.
  8. I have just wasted 3 months on a trademark after I searched and it came back with a Mexican Co. with similar names. From that, I learned the differences from the three search types. Word only means you want to use the name with anything. Think Kleenex. It doesn't matter where or how it is used, the trademark follows the words not logo. Free form allows for the design marks(label) to be part of the trademark. The wording is only trademarked when used with the logo elements.
  9. Insurance Man, Sorry for the hijack, but I just tried to send you a message and could not. I would like to speak to you about a quote also. Please send me your contact info rivercitydistillery@gmail.com
  10. Congrats! and have to ask- how long did it take?
  11. I am a newbie, and just getting set up, but I have found a guy that has done well for me so far. I have gotten quotes from a number of companies, but John has worked to gain our business. John F Owens Liquor Bottle Packaging International, LLC 317-557-2853 cell/text Email: johnfowens@liquorbottle.net Website: www.liquorbottle.net
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