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  1. Help a new guy out on this matter. We just opened and have our first TTB reports due for the month of November. Taxes are due when bottled or sold? I thought sold, but if I bottle a bunch I am under the old rates if it doesn't pass?
  2. I thought I would put there in the hopes someone has a bottle filler collecting dust. I am looking for a 2-4 bottle filler. My budget is around $750. Anyone have something on the shelf you want to move?
  3. We finally are. The still is up and running like a champ. Mike got me dialed in.
  4. I don't have a calculator. I was struggling with my ferment and got help from guys on this forum. I took their advice and started experimenting. There are a couple good threads already in Rum section you should ready up on. I also contacted my yeast manufacturer and spoke to them about my issues. I was starting where you are and my ferment would stall. I got much better results with less sugar. more nutrient and feeding the ferment. I have found my best results under 1.07SG to start and it is finishing around 1.015. Again, I'm a new guy that got a lot of help in the rum section as I was starting. Look at the threads there. All the best.
  5. Depending on your yeast, Brix seems very high. We have found much above 15 Brix you will be dumping unfermented sugar. There are others on here much more versed than I, but I would experiment with your Brix much lower first.
  6. I have been on the forum for awhile, but haven't introduced myself yet. We are opening a new distillery in St. Louis in the next couple months. I have gotten a ton of help from a number of members on this forum even before our DSP was approved. THANK YOU to many of you. Our story-We are a couple buddies opening our place in a hot rod shop. We like to say we build kick ass rides and kick ass spirits, but the later is yet to be determined. Ha. If anyone every passes through town our doors will be opened very soon! Cheers!
  7. We recently purchased one of Paul's set ups in his photos and had newbie issues getting it dialed in. Paul gave me a cell number for his main guy. Mike took multiple calls both Saturday and Sunday to get me running. Service has been excellent. Still is running like a champ! For any new folks looking for a manufacturer I would recommend Paul and can say I have been very happy with the product and service.
  8. Stumpy, I have looked into container storage and am making the assumption that it is the same as a warehouse. I don't think it could be added to the bonded premise because it would have a separate entrance. We all know what happens when we assume something from TTB, but it makes sense that it is treated like a rick house on your property.
  9. We used a quartz surface that we installed. Epoxy, broadcast the quartz then seal with poly. We purchased commercial grade from a concrete supply (Carter Waters-nation wide) and installed ourselves. We rented a grinder from Home Depot to prep the floor then the application was completed in a weekend.
  10. It also depends on who you are fighting. We lost our first name due to trademark as stated above. We came up with a second and we were opposed by another company with names close, but also no chance of confusion. After working with them we were able to come up with an agreement and we were able to gain our trademark. When we first starting negotiating with them we recognized the name was close enough to a UK company owned by Richard Branson. We thought we had no chance. The company that we had to negotiate with fought and beat Branson's company. It isn't all about size. Good luck. It is definitely an uphill battle, but if you can show no confusion it is a battle that has a possibility of being won.
  11. With us just opening and going through everything in the last 12 months. Without being pessimistic for you, plan everything out to the dollar and week then double both. We planned for many contingencies that we thought would come up and we passed those in both dollars and time. If you plan absolute worst case then come under your financials will survive. Luckily, for us, we do not have investors to answer to. We are a small business group that have known each other for a long time and can work through delays and cost overruns.
  12. I have a very good friend that is on their management team if you need information. I will be bringing in their equipment in the near term.
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