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    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    We just went through this. As a matter of fact the label was finally approve Friday. If flavoring is added Rum With Natural Flavors will need to be on the label. TTB made us remove "spiced" since there were other flavors in the spirit.
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    Trademark Searching Tips

    I have just wasted 3 months on a trademark after I searched and it came back with a Mexican Co. with similar names. From that, I learned the differences from the three search types. Word only means you want to use the name with anything. Think Kleenex. It doesn't matter where or how it is used, the trademark follows the words not logo. Free form allows for the design marks(label) to be part of the trademark. The wording is only trademarked when used with the logo elements.
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    final product is cloudy

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and distilling but looking for advice. I am in the process of bench trials for a spiced rum. I have experimented with different yeasts, spices, sugars, you name it. Coming out of the barrel I have a transparent beautiful colored rum, but when I proof it down it becomes cloudy. I have tried distilled water over city water, but it does not help. Flavor is great, but I cannot figure out why I am cloudy. Any help is appreciated.
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    Insurance Man, Sorry for the hijack, but I just tried to send you a message and could not. I would like to speak to you about a quote also. Please send me your contact info rivercitydistillery@gmail.com
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    Got Our DSP

    Congrats! and have to ask- how long did it take?
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    Your experience with glass companies

    I am a newbie, and just getting set up, but I have found a guy that has done well for me so far. I have gotten quotes from a number of companies, but John has worked to gain our business. John F Owens Liquor Bottle Packaging International, LLC 317-557-2853 cell/text Email: johnfowens@liquorbottle.net Website: www.liquorbottle.net
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    Label Design

    We used design crowd. It took 2-3 contests to pick the design we liked, but cost wise it was money well spent. It is an online contest to design the label. We set the contest at $250 and got 5-10 labels in each contest.
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    Whitestar yeast

    I am using their rum yeast. I like it. I have used D022, D497 and D143 in trials. I like the esthers from D022 the best very tropical, but I was getting an odd favor. Best I can explain is almost the taste sweet and low on the back of the tongue. I have not used it for large production, only small test runs. Very easy group to work with.
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    Subbing out production

    tzimis, we are also in the process of opening a DSP. Our plan is somewhat of a hybrid of the two. We are starting out with a small still in our facility. The still will be used as a testing still and as the centerpiece of our distillery. We have also entered into an agreement with another local distillery to use their 1,000 gallon still for production. We will distill 100% of our product ourselves, but have the help and experience of the established distillery. Our thought is by this method we will be able to spend the majority of our budget on marketing and sales and hopefully create the distribution prior to the massive spend for equipment. I am happy to discuss offline and share ideas with each other since we geographically are so far apart if you are concerned about how we found the distillery we trust to run our recipes. I am located St. Louis and have found an incredible source "partner" in Stumpy's Spirits on this forum as our co-packer. The biggest plus for us is we have met many times face to face since we are both local. I highly suggest keeping it as local as you can while you start out.
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    final product is cloudy

  11. Naked Spirits Distillery

    final product is cloudy

    Thank you guys, I appreciate the advice! Foreshot, I watched your video. I am nowhere near the cloudiness of the video, I just have a haze. I will work both suggestions and let you know. Hudson Bay, while I like your 3rd option, that may not be the best when it comes to marketing, lol. Does it make a difference if I am using natural spices as opposed to concentrates? I am using all nature spices now.
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    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    I am in the process of setting up a distillery and had the opportunity to tour Affordable Distillery's operation. I have not used his equipment yet, so I cannot speak to that end, but I can tell you he spent more time with me than he probably needed to and was a complete open book regarding his operations. I am excited to formulate my order with him. After meeting Paul and his staff, I am sure I have made the right choice.