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  1. NYRoughneck

    Corn mash-Improving effeciency

    Ya its higher than the 1.07 I get using 2#. The photo was from 2.5 #/gal, no ferment issues. I use Daddy yeast controlled ferment temp +/-76F. FG .095 PH end of ferment 4ish. Photo is of the mash still in pot end of 2nd rest prior to transfer to fermenter. I ferment on grain end of ferment 6 days. I transfer to another refrigerated vessel to clear for a day. I believe the cooler temp aids in further clearing. I charcoal some for vodka and barrel age most for whiskey. I prefer the oaked. I used to use malts but after I started using enzymes I haven't. I am just a hobbyist that makes very small batch's to gift and share with friends and family. I shouldn't of probably commented? but I've done many with enzymes in the last few years, thought maybe what I learned could be of assistance....
  2. NYRoughneck

    Corn mash-Improving effeciency

    .36 my bad.
  3. NYRoughneck

    Corn mash-Improving effeciency

    It has been my experience using enzymes (SEBstar) will will reduce your conversion time compared to using malt. Along with increasing SG. My procedure for mashing 2.25-2.5# corn per gallon to get 1.08 - 1.09 SG. Fill mash pot with half the liquid needed, Add the SEBstar HTL to the liquid @ 3.9 ml per # corn, Start agitator, add all corn to cold water, check and adjust ph (5.6-6.5) heat to 190° F, Turn off heat, occasionally stir /agitate for up to 90 minutes, temperature will drop, after 60 minutes do starch test, if no starch add remaining liquid, cool to 150° F , Add SEBamyl GL @ 3.9 ml per # corn, let set occasionally stir/ agitate for 75 minutes, cool to < 85° F, Check and adjust ph (5-5.5) transfer to fermenter, add nutrients pitch yeast. See attached photo. I don't think the flavor profile changes much not using the malt... To each their own. Cheers, Chuck Chart for enzymes sold by enzymash.com: SEBstar HTL - 0.36ml/lb - pH 5.6-6.5 - 122-194F SEBamyl GL - 0.36ml/lb - pH 2.8-5.5 - 86-149F SEBflo TL - 0.23ml/lb - pH 4.0-6.5 - 86-140F