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  1. AK2

    Distilling Area Classification?

    Southernhighlander: My interpretation of Class 1 Div 1 is the following: we are only classified as that group when explosive vapors are present under normally operating conditions. Class 1 Div 2 is when explosive vapors can be present under abnormal operations. Is there any chance your customer can review the code with the civil engineer and demonstrate that under normal operation of the still there are no explosive vapors present in the areas he is classifying as Class 1 Div 1? Adam
  2. AK2

    Glycol Loop Material

    Schedule 40 steel pipe (still under construction, told it was going to be threaded pipe, haven't seen it yet).
  3. AK2

    Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

    I am working with Rick Wisner. I have not purchased anything yet, but am very close. He has made time for me and explained everything in detail what he can and can not do. I would send him an email to set up a phone call. Again, I have not purchased anything from him yet, but he at least appears to know what he is talking about. Ricks email: rick@wisnercontrols.com
  4. We are indeed still in the building stage, we will present this at our next job meeting. Thank you!
  5. Indy, Yes, the 100 meg seemed too high to us as well. We concurred with other sources that that was false information. As far as the ubiquities, we will consider that option. If we go that route I will call you. Thank you for the insight!
  6. Scott, Thank you for all the information, we are still weighing out all of our options.
  7. AK2

    Air or electric agitator?

    Dry point, I have used air in a previous life. It works great as long as you can keep it dry, and are not in the same room with the compressor. I had major issues in the winter when I did not properly maintain my air dryer. I had outside lines that would freeze, preventing the air from doing its job. If all lines are inside this should not pose a problem (or if you are not in a climate that has freezing weather), but I still think you need some type of dryer system. As far as the noise, my system was fairly large and had its own room. On our farm our smaller system is noisy, but you can put up with it (I think it is only 21 CFM and has a 60 gallon tank). As Southern alluded to, make sure you size the air compressor properly and have a large reservoir to draw from so your compressor is not constantly running if you go with air. Adam
  8. AK2

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Hollow Spirits, Thank you for posting. I can not comment for the same reasons the rest of you can not comment. The words I wish to express are not meant for public. Adam
  9. Do you have a recommendation on a brand that would have a hard drive that copies over itself after a certain amount of time? I am looking at the Arlo Pro 2 but further research suggests it would triple my monthly wifi bill from the 24/7 streaming to the cloud. The best buy rep said six cameras would take 100 mpbs to operate..
  10. So since there is an external drive, do the Ubiquitis draw on your wifi? The cameras I have been looking into all draw too much wifi from the 24/7 streaming and are sending monthly wifi costs through the roof.
  11. AK2

    Glycol / cooling system

    Whiskeytango, I always have to preface everything I say on here that we are still under construction, I only have ethanol plant experience. I am not aware of a chiller that will warm up a fermenter. When I had issues with a fermenter turning "cold" at the ethanol plant I would use the plate and frame heat exchanger to warm the ferm back up. I would valve off the cooling water and plumb a condensate return line from our boiler into the cold water side of the exchanger. I called this technique "reverse heat exchange", until it was pointed out that I was still exchanging heat, I had only reversed the hot and cold side. We then referred to the technique as ferm warming.....reverse heat exchange sounds a lot better to me.... Adam
  12. Is anyone on here using security cameras in their tasting rooms? If so, did you purchase them yourself or did you hire a service to come in and install/maintain them? We are considering using security cameras just for liability reasons, appreciate any feedback. Adam
  13. AK2

    Barrel Storage Close to Livestock?

    Thanks Falling Rock and Southernhighlander! I seriously might use the Terroir idea!
  14. We are under construction now. We are going to store our barrels on our farm, in a building yet to be determined. We are considering using a building that is approximately 300 yards away from our livestock buildings. This building will get the pleasant aroma of said livestock when the wind is out of the North West, which only occurs a few days out of the month. My concern is that even though this building will only be subject to the livestock aroma a 3 days out of 30 it will effect the final product coming out of our barrels. Do any of you have experience with this situation? Did your livestock aroma effect the product negatively? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Adam Edit: We will be storing product in these barrels.
  15. AK2

    Glycol Systems

    We are in the building stages, we have the exact system Jake Norris mentions, a glycol chiller cooling a water reservoir. It made the most financial sense as we do not have room for a cooling tower and are on city water. It also is supposed to allow us to run with a smaller chiller, using the buffer tank excess cooling capacity verses sizing a much larger and more expensive chiller. Hopefully it works as designed......I apologize that I do not have real world experience to give you. Adam