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  1. Perhaps try sparging soon than you currently are? At the brewery I ran up until last year, our pump pulled directly on the lauter tun, no grant, and did't have a collapsed grain bed in 15 years on all malt brews. Just a simple solution to try before installing a float, keep an inch or so of water on top of the grain bed throughout runoff and you shouldn't have an issue.
  2. Thanks Thatch - should have specified unmalted, but will take a look at these guys
  3. Hi all, We are looking for a triticale supplier, preferably already milled in 50 pound bags. Montana milling offers this, but the shipping cost to the East coast is a real killer. So, anyone have a good supplier they reccomend?
  4. I know that I have come across it in the forums before, but searching now I cannot find what I am looking for. Setting up our still and want to make sure we are rotating the correct way. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. Ah, that is where my confusion was coming in. Got it, thanks!
  6. Thank you for the reply. I guess my question now is - we are still building out, so if we add what we need for H3, that brings us to 240 gal. How do folks with stills over 240 gal in volume legally charge their still with low wines?
  7. Our distillery is currently F1, and I'm and trying to get some clarity on if low wines are included in our MAQ? Our still is 300 gallons, and collecting enough low wines for a spirit run would put us over. Appreciate the help as we navigate the IFC.
  8. I currently have this exact question as I source our proofing scale and tank. Any insight is much appreciated
  9. Wow, beautiful copper work
  10. Hey everyone, I'm Ryan, been a craft brewer for the past 13 years, the past 10 of those at the brewery I am currently at. Started hobby distilling about 6 years ago, and have been hanging around homedistiller.com forums since. Not sure how it took me this long to find this forum but I am glad I did. I look forward to learning more about the commercial side of things.
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