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  1. Hi Jack, the dimensions for our 5000l vodka system are: Length: 6.5m (21.32') Width: 2.5m (8.2') Height: 7.5m (24.6') If you have any additional questions just let us know: info@kothe-distilling.com Thank you!
  2. Thank you, Martin! Please check your email and let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
  3. Hi @jackb1050 I'm sorry but we don't typically have built equipment in stock. If you would like a quote on anything smaller just shoot us an email at info@kothe-distilling.com / lead times are around 8 months currently. Thanks @whiskeytango!
  4. For Sale: New Kothe 5000 liter 18-plate automated still 5000l - K2000 Standard Potstill Indirect heat: steam bath covered in stainless steel and insulation Stainless condenser, three chamber alcohol collection, vodka line setup with ability to bypass column, adjustable plates, agitator, cip system, top fill opening, automation. Located in USA and ready to ship. Price - $275,000 Please contact: info@kothe-distilling.com for any additional information We also have used 30 gallon Barrel Mill barrels for sale. Bourbon, Rye and other whiskey (Oat, Millet, Four Grain) - $120 each located in Chicago, IL.
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