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    Analytical Labs

    Thanks, this is perfect.
  2. Avonak

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    The 54% is really an interesting number. Brian, can you source your recommended "should" be stored in metal above 16% ABV. In addition to codes, there also has to be a taste effect at some point. I have been to distilleries that stored in plastic (I do not know what the ABV was in storage), but their spirits has a plastic tinge to them. While storage smaller amounts of low wines, which could be diluted to 50% say to meet guildelines make a lot of sense financially, I would be mostly concerned with taste, whether it saved money or not and was legal. Has anyone had experience storing in plastic that resulted in off-flavors, also anyone storing in plastic that doesn't have off flavors? We currently have 100% SS tanks, but I would get 1-2 IBC for short term storage.
  3. Avonak

    Howdy from Texas

    Hello there. We are located in Houston, but am in the hill country regularly. Brandy sounds fun, look forward to trying some.
  4. Hey everyone, this is Avonak Distillery, located in Houston, TX. Have used the forum for much research and hope to contribute more. Check us out at www.avonak.com and #drinkavonak. We are making everything from scratch and specializing in gin. Everything is ready is ready for launch, have vodka and 2 gins ready to go just waiting for our bottles to arrive.
  5. Avonak

    Analytical Labs

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for analytical labs to test ABV% and methanol? Many countries require these by certified labs for import. Thanks.
  6. Avonak

    Cooling Water set up feedback

    Having a chiller does not mean you have glycol and vice-a-versa. Glycol is simply an additive you can add to the chiller fluid (which could be anything, but city water is great). With glycol you can run your chiller much colder than you can with water alone. We run only water, simply because the cleanup of glycol is messy if there is a leak and it operates steady at 48-52 degress F in Texas heat. As we expand and need to run more equipment off of it, we can add glycol to improve the cooling efficiency and lower the system temp. A chiller is simply an advanced version of what you are talking about, a reservoir, fans and the addition of a condenser. Our chiller has a 100 gal reservoir, twin small condensers and a small pump. We run a 1300 gal mash tun/still and a 130 gal still. While overkill, we can add a mash tun and 8 fermenters without having to change the chiller. While utilizing warm or hot water for other processes is definitely a positive, it only works if you are setup for near continuous operations. FYI, don't use distilled or R/O water in a closed loop, the lack of minerals increases the corrosivity.
  7. Avonak

    Pumps for High Proof Alcohol

    Some laptops and tablet are, but they are rare and expensive. Also to note, most forklifts are not rated for we do nor are standard electrical outlets and lighting. But back to the pumps, TCW has been great to work with, lots of options and usually easy to get. Another recommendation is to get 1 size bigger than you think.
  8. Avonak

    Screen printing bottles

    1st post here, this is exactly what we were looking for.